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Induction Training
This is a training which is being given for newly recruited academic staffs of the university at each year. As the work environment at UoG is new for these instructors, the Education Quality Assurance and Audit Directorate believes that induction training should be given for the newly recruited staffs to help them adjust to the University of Gondar’s academic environment. The training opportunity assists and supports the new teachers to introduce and familiarize to their new role as they begin their teaching profession at the University.
Although the following list is not rigid and exhaustive, the induction training we are delivering for the newly recruited academic staffs include the following issues:

  • Academic Code of Conduct of the University
  • Strategic plan of UoG
  • Duties and responsibilities of the Academic Staff
  • Instructional Planning
  • Assessment and Evaluation
  • Active Learning Methods
  • Gender/Special needs and HIV/AIDS
  • Guidance and Counseling
  • Research methods
  • Technology Assisted Teaching and Learning

Advanced Pedagogical Training
The Education Quality Assurance and Audit Directorate organizes a training on advanced pedagogical skills for a minimum of two weeks duration at each year. This training is primarily being given for first degree holder academic staffs of the University.
Major components of the pedagogical skills training include:

  • Instructional Planning
  • Student assessment: measurement and assessment skills
  • Active learning Methods
  • Research methods
  • Technology assisted in teaching and learning

Staff development Strategy

Our directorate took the lead in preparing the University’s five-year strategic training plan (from 2008 E.C. to 2012 E.C.) parallel with the new five year strategic plan of the University. The five year strategic training plan has been prepared with the fullest participation of relevant organs and individuals of the University including Education Quality Assurance & Audit Directorate, Institutional transformation coordination office, Human Resource Management Directorate, Plan and Data Directorate, the then Training Center of the University, and experts from relevant disciplines.

The above mentioned participants have prepared the five-year strategic training plan of the University after a thorough need and gap assessment of the University’s staff. For each year, the type of training, the potential participants, the duration of the training, the tentative time to deliver the training and the estimated budget have been outlined in the document.

The education quality and audit directorate has been given the responsibility of implementing this five-year strategic training plan of the University.