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The app aims to inform and empower vulnerable young female university students aged 18-25. Recent studies show that young Ethiopia female university students are a high-risk group for risky sexual behaviour leading to exposure to STDs, unwanted pregnancy and potential assault as a result of alcohol and drug misuse. Associated drivers of this include the fact many young women are leaving home for the first time and living independently from family members in University accommodation as well as the stigma that still surrounds sex education, premarital sex and access to family planning for young unmarried females.

It is within this context that a group of lecturers within the University of Gondar collaborated to create a solution tailored at addressing some of their needs. The mobile app “Ehete” aims to offer female students at the University of Gondar with valuable, and usually inaccessible, information to help them make informed and empowered decisions. The app includes information about the female reproductive system including a calendar that keeps track of an individual’s monthly menstrual and ovulation cycles, information about signs, symptoms and treatments for STDs, Safety tips for nights out, a detailed map showing the family planning centers, contraceptives offering sites & HIV & STD testing sites in the city of Gondar as well as information about the University of Gondar’s various counselling and mentoring services. The app is written in Amharic allowing for an accurate and effective sharing of information; can be downloaded anonymously onto the students’ mobiles and is password protected allowing for greater privacy; and empowers the students by giving them access to crucial information and greater control over their decisions.

Project Developers:

  • Girum Tekelwold Asfaw (M.Sc. IT)
  • Mekdes Alemayehu (MA)
  • Mingiziem Misganaw (M.Sc.)
  • Mustofa Worku (MA)