The University of Gondar is one of the “first generation” universities to start with and work on Quality Assurance and Audit unit. The education quality assurance and audit directorate is established in the year 2003/2004 after the establishment of the Higher Education Relevance and Quality Agency (HERQA) in 2003. Since then, Education Quality Assurance and Audit Directorate (EQAAD) has been doing several commendable jobs and struggling with a number of challenges.

Some of the major achievements of the directorate include:

  • The 1st and 2nd National Conferences on Quality Education were initiated, organized and hosted.
  • A graduate tracer study was conducted and published by collecting data from alumni, peers and employers.
  • A curriculum policy, a students’ assessment policy and a quality assurance policy have been prepared and published.
  • The first ‘Education Quality Improvement Package’ was developed and published.
  • The internal quality self-audit was conducted.
  • Various policies such as curriculum policy, assessment policy and others have been published.
  • Various capacity development trainings such as induction and advanced pedagogical trainings to newly hired teachers and expatriate staffs have been regularly given.
  • HDP training is being organized and run at each year with more than 200 candidates.
  • Four Academic Development and Resource Centers (ADRC) have been made ready for instructors, administrative staff and students in four campuses.
  • The first and second Institutional Annual Conference on Quality of Education under the theme “Enhancing the Quality of Education through System Transformation were successfully organized and hosted.

The mission of EQAAD is to enhance the quality of teaching-learning, research, outreach and administrative services and to ensure the relevance of programmes in solving societal problems.
Our vision is to be the top ranked higher learning institution in Ethiopia by 2020
Core Values

Quality First: Quality should be the university’s distinguishing mark and should not be compromised at any level.

Quality in all: As quality is the core mission, it is integral in our major pillars of teaching/learning, research, community engagements and support services.

Sound professional and ethical standards: We comply with relevant legal, social and professional ethics, principles and norms.

Collaboration and team work: Enhancing unity and forming cohesive teams determines our future success. We, therefore, value solidarity and encourage teamwork in our undertakings.

Invention and innovation: Quality as witnessed in creativity and innovation in business of higher education is valued as integral in our response to the ever dynamic needs of the community.

Care for Staff: Our success is based on attracting, hiring, developing and retaining competent professionals and committed staff.

Quality customer service: We believe that providing a quality service to our customers gives them the king’s position.

Quality is a dynamic target that we have to follow constantly!!!
Organogram of EQAAD

Contact us:
Hana Shewamoltot Meshesha
Director, Education Quality Assurance & Audit Directorate
University of Gondar
Office Phone: +251 58 811 90 71
Gondar, Ethiopia