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The Department of Marketing Management was established in 1998 E.C (2005 G.C) by Mr. Mulugeta Negash (Department Head) and Mr. Fantaye Kassa and launched its work with three permanent and other foreign and native contract work teachers by receiving 125 under graduate students with the aim of producing qualified marketing professionals to meet the needs of private, government & non-government organizations . However, before the department was formally established in degree program, it starts its activity by providing Diploma program in Marketing Management to evening students by assigned coordinator since 2001. The department is also further expanding its activity by offering distance education. The department in its part has been contributing towards meeting the country’s demand for trained human resource in the area of sales & marketing management. From its establishment to date, the department has graduated a number of students   in diploma, first-degree and second-degree graduates in Marketing Management. The department is presently one of the seven departments in College of Business and Economics that offers graduate level teaching in the regular and distance program. It also offers supportive courses to Management & Accounting departments.
By recognizing the initiation of the government in capacity building and overall reform programs that need knowledge and skill-based marketing management, the department proposed and started postgraduate study by receiving 10 regular and 18 extension students in 2010 G.C with the aim of equipping the students with high quality education, knowledge, attitude and skills in various aspects of Marketing Management to produce competent and highly skilled Marketing professionals so as to equip the industry with contemporary global expertise.  This program creates training opportunity for teachers assigned at government as well as private universities, and for private, governmental and non-governmental organizations that need to use highly trained marketing professionals in order to remain competitive at the local, national and global levels, working different tasks for the last couple of months to start a graduate program.
Currently, the department has 743 students including all under graduate and postgraduate students from this 439 students are in the regular program, 190 are in the extension undergraduate program, 84 in the extension post graduate and 26 in the regular post graduate program.

Admission requirements

Admission to all regular degree programs is based on:

  • 12th grade completion at least with minimum qualification to join higher education
  • Having minimum diploma in related fields and with two years work experience as an advance standing and COC certified.
  • And others as per the national admissions requirements set by the ministry of Education.

Duration of the program

The duration of the study for BA in Marketing Management is three years. A student who fails to meet the minimum graduation requirement may stay as per the legislation of the respective universities.

Graduation requirements

Graduate students will be awarded the “Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing Management” if they fulfill the following requirements:

  • A minimum credit hour of 110/180 ECTS
  • A minimum Cumulative Grade point Average of 2.00
  • No Fx, F, NG, I, in any course and
  • Compliance with the regulation of the University

Degree Nomenclature

Bachelor of Arts Degree in Marketing Management
የአርት ባችለር ዲግሪ በገበያ ስራ ኣመራር


After, the department of Marketing Management, launching its operation it has established a link with different stakeholders who encompasses business and non-business organization with the aim of achieving mutual benefit in different aspects. Our partners with whom we are working currently are Dashen Brewery S.C and Northern Gondar traffic bureau especially participation through performing different social marketing activities with the later one. We are awarded a certificate of recognition on April 6, 2013 G.C. The department has strong desire to create collaborative relation with different government and nongovernmental organizations in the future and it is on process.

Staff Profile Full Name 1st degree 2nd degree 3rd degree Academic rank Email
1 Haymanot Belay BA in makt mgt MA in Makt mgt   Asst prof
2 Dr Fantaye Kassa BA in mkt mgt   PhD Asst prof
3 Dr Mulugeta Negahs BA in mkt mgt MBA (Mkt) PhD Asst prof  
4 Sewareg Getnet BA in mkt MA in mkt mgt      
5 Tesfaye Gedion BA in mkt mgt MA in mkt mgt      
6 Aschalew Adane BA in mkt mgt MA in mkt mgt      
7 Endiris BA in Mkt mgr MA in mkt Mgt   PhD fellow  
8 Dr Gashaw Tibebe BA in mkt mgt MA in mkt mgt PhD in Business studies Asst prof
9 Adanech Gedefaw BA in mkt mgt MA in mkt mgt   Asst professor
10 Wassie Getahun BA in mkt mgt MA in Mkt mgt PhD fellow Lecturer  


  • Contact person


Name: yeswharege
Position: Head of  Marketing Management
Mobile: +251-911735865