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Department of Management
Department of Management, the former business management department has been established as one of the other former departments of college of business and economics by offering diploma both regular and extension program in 2001.
When the department established at the first time, it operates its activity by only five instructors, all were first degree holder.
With the implementation of the new Educational Policy of the country, starting in the 2003/2004 Academic Year, three year curriculum has been developed and it is being offered to students that have been admitted from preparatory programs.  In the preparation of the curriculum, as per the instruction of the Universities and Ministry of Education, a discussion was made with universities that offer management education.
When the current management curriculum was designed, attempt was made to integrate suggestions from various stakeholders. Suggestions from these sources indicated that new courses emphasizing computer skills, human resource management knowledge, communication skills, and leadership skills would be desirable.
Realizing contributions of other stakeholders (students, communities) for enhancement of contemporary management in the country, we have also enough staff development and availed our standardized teaching process.
Currently, the department offer regular undergraduate and postgraduate, extension undergraduate and postgraduate, and summer undergraduate and postgraduate programs with more than 1,800 students.
In addition, the department provides flexible teaching approach in the summer and for weekend students. Because, we know balancing education and other priorities are important, our academic schedule easy to progress at a pace that suits students’ goal and lifestyle.
In the department of Management, we’ve built a highly responsive curriculum that directly addresses “the business of students.” It is a career-oriented approach serving the unique needs of working students and focused squarely on competencies employers are demanding. Our flagship BA and MBA Management program allow you to tailor your interests and goals. In addition, those degree programs offerings expand the range of learning to some of today’s most in-demand disciplines.
After a successful completion of preparatory program:

  • As per the regulations of Ministry of Education,
  • As per the senate legislation of the university, or
  • A pass in entrance examination set by the department.

The duration of the study for BA in Management is three years
The delivery system of the program is mixed mode of delivery.
The degree offered after successful completion of its program is called:

  • In English – “Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management.”
  • In Amharic – “የአርት ባችለር ዲግሪ በማኔጅመንት

Graduate students will be awarded the “Bachelor of Arts Degree in Management” if they fulfill the following requirements:

  • A minimum credit hour of 109/180 ECTS
  • A minimum Cumulative Grade point Average of 2.00
  • No Fx, F, NG, I, in any course and
  • Compliance with the regulation of the University

The national harmonization committee has observed that the framework provided by various higher institutions is worthwhile to consider as a framework. Thus we have agreed that our courses can be structured as:

  • General Foundation Courses – courses offered to management department as basic know-how for core courses.
  • Core Courses – Major area courses that reflect the core objective of the program.
  • Supportive Course – Courses that will provide support for core courses.

As stated above management department has many programs and of these MBA program is one of the most important one. The need for Master of Business Administration (MBA) is acute due to:
Firstly, Business Administration is a crucial element in economic growth of a country. It brings together the factors of production: money, machinery, men, methods, markets and material to enable the country to experience economic development. A county with enough capital, manpower and other natural resources can still be poor if it does not have competent managers to combine and coordinate the resources. In the words of Peter F. Drucker “without management a country’s resources of production remain resources and never become products”. He also noted that “there is no under developed nation as such, but under managed ones”. Business Administration is important for learners because of many reasons. Of which these are some:
Admission Requirement
Prospective students of the program are those who hold their first degree in any field and

  • As per the regulations of Ministry of Education, and/or
  • As per the legislation of the university.

Medium of Instruction
The medium of instruction for the program is ENGLISH.
Graduation Requirement
Graduate students will be awarded the “Master of Business Administration” if they fulfill the following requirements:

  • A credit hour of 37
  • Obtain an Excellent, Very good, Good or Fair on MBA thesis
  • A minimum Cumulative Grade point Average of 3.00
  • No F, NG, I, in any course and
  • Compliance with the regulation of the University

Degree Nomenclature
The degree offered after successful completion of its program is called:

  • In English – “Master Degree of Business Administration.”
  • In Amharic – “የ›`ƒ ማስተርስ ዲግሪ በቢዝነስ አስተዳደር”

Newly Opened programs (Undergraduate)
3.1. Public Administration and Development Management
In 2017, the department launched a new undergraduate program called public Administration and Development Management in the regular program and General Business Education in summer.
The Bachelor of Arts (BA) Program in Public Administration and Development Management is a training program that combines theories and practices in the organization and management of the public sector as well as management of development programs and projects. The program intends to impart knowledge and skills in the areas of public and development management by offering various theoretical and practical courses on the concepts, principles, approaches of public policy formulation, implementation and evaluation; public finance management; human resource management, public service delivery; development management; new public management; research methodology; project planning and management; leadership and other related subfields in public administration. The BA program in Public Administration and Development Management is intended primarily for those who are planning a career in the administration and management of public sector organizations and development processes.
Rationale of the Program
The main rationale behind using this modularize curriculum is to respond to the ongoing economic, social and political developments in the country. The program is especially made to address the critical demand for qualified development-oriented public managers who can work for the International, Federal, Regional, Zonal and Woreda Levels of Government, Municipal Governments as well as Service-Giving and Manufacturing State Enterprises and in the NGO sector. The second goal of the proposed program is to increase graduates opportunities for inclusive policy-making and policy –implementation. Graduates will learn applied quantitative and qualitative research skills to address and solve public problems
The other motivation for using the program is to make it fit in to the new world where Administrators and Development Managers who are equipped with practical knowledge are highly required.
Admission Requirement
After a successful completion of preparatory program:

  • As per the regulations of Ministry of Education,
  • As per the senate legislation of the university, or
  • A pass in entrance examination set by the department.
  • For continuing and distance program the admission requirement will be based on the senate legislation of the universities and as per the regulations of Ministry of Education.

Duration of The Study
The duration of the study for BA in public administration and development management for regular program is three years. The duration of the study for BA in continuing program is four years and for distance program is nine terms.
Degree Nomenclature
Upon successful completion of the program, “Bachelor of Arts Degree in Public Administration and Development Management” will be awarded

  • In Amharic – “የአርት ባችለር ዲግሪ ህዝብ አስተዳደርና ልማት አመራር

Graduation Requirement

  • In the normal span of three years regular degree program, students must take a minimum of 110 credit hours (180 ECTS) and have to score a minimum CGPA of 2.00 with no ‘F’ grades in any subjects to be qualified for BA degree in PADM

 3.2. General Business Education
Considering the new growth and developments in the educational sector of our country, the Ministry of education has planned to develop a new curriculum for summer in-service program in General Business Education that reflects the new preparatory school curriculum. Thus, academicians from different government universities and different disciplines designed this curriculum.
Rationale for the program
As the Education and Training Policy of ministry of education clearly indicates, General Business and Economics courses are given in grade 11 and 12. These courses are comprehensive in nature. They comprise different business and economic areas such as; purchasing, marketing, banking, insurance, accounting, and economics; which are given as a separate field of studies by different higher institutions. However, those who are teaching general business and economics courses in preparatory school are graduates who specializes only by one area or field of study which cannot comprise all the topics included under general business text. As a result, this new (general business education) program is designed to get all these fields of specializations in one program (field of study). Thus, the program will train professionally qualified general business education teachers for preparatory schools.
3.2 PhD in Management
University of Gondar has been entrusted with the critical task of providing highly trained graduates at masters and higher levels for its and emerging universities. To this end, University of Gondar has shifted its mission from being a primarily undergraduate/teaching institution to research/graduate training university. Moreover, the shift in the mission from undergraduate to graduate and research university will have a direct impact on GTP and poverty reduction strategy of the country through production of highly qualified  manpower; undertaking relevant and impactful research; improving quality of education; enhancing employability of graduates; advancing and assimilating  new and relevant technologies; and supporting economic growth.
The fast pace of change have also brought out the need for quality teaching, research, and consultancy. PhD in Management Studies is often required for those interested in pursuing an academic career as a professor at universities. Universities often require academic staffs to hold a PhD and to engage in research. University rankings are often heavily influenced by the proportion of academic staff with PhD degrees/doctorates.
Rationale of the PhD Program  
The rationale for opening a PhD program in Management Studies in University of Gondar emerges from the following:
 Fulfilling the mission of the University
The University of Gondar declares its mission: “…dedicated to contribute to the sustainable socioeconomic development of the university through the provision of societal needs tailored education, problem based research and relevant community services”, and its vision as “to be the leading societal problem solving university in the country by 2020”. The opening of a PhD program in Management Studies would play a significant role to contribute to the achievement of the University’s mission of transforming into a premier centre of Excellence. Management professionals are at heart of the University to play a significant role in contributing to the achievement of its mission. This PhD program would be research-oriented. The opening of the program would create a better opportunity to exhaustively utilize the available resources at economies of scale.
 Program / Admissions /Requirements
The program in Management Studies is very demanding and extremely selective. Highly motivated individuals with clear goals and outstanding research potential are eligible for admission. Applicants will be assessed and selected on the basis of their academic merits, teaching experience, area of research interest and the expected capability to successfully complete the doctoral program in English. The Department Graduate Committee determines the admission based on the following criteria/specific requirements to be admitted in the program includes:

  • Applicants shall have at least two years teaching experience in public universities after their second degree,
  • First Degree in Management or related functional areas that include; Marketing Management, Human Resource Management, Operations Management, Public Administration, or Supply Chain Management.
  • Second Degree in Management or Business Administration, MBA in Finance, or related functional areas that include; Marketing Management Studies, HRM, Supply Chain Management , Public Administration, Tourism Management , and Hotel Management .
  • Diploma and Transcripts of both Bachelor Degree and Master’s Degree
  • A minimum grade point average of 3.00 on a 4.0 point scale upon completing Masters Degree ;
  • Evidence of English proficiency. For non-native English speakers or for those who have not possessed their degrees from Ethiopia, a TOEFL score (550) obtained within the last two years or a document certifying that English was the medium of instruction of the universities he/she got his/her  degrees from (both  for undergraduate and second degrees) during the time he/she studied. Their degree must be approved by Ethiopian Ministry of Education for degree equivalency.
  • Synopsis of research. Applicants are required to present their synopsis to the Department Graduating Committee.
  • Two Letter of Recommendation

Admission to a PhD program can take place as per academic calendar University of Gondar. Eligible Departments/Department of Management, Marketing Management and Accounting and Finance/ shall formally report to the College list of the staff eligible for upgrading as worked and approved by Department Graduate Committee and Postgraduate Office respectively as candidates of upgrading based on the criteria set by the UoG senate legislation.  This report consisted all the relevant information about the staff’s educational qualifications, years of services in and out of University of Gondar, field chosen for upgrading, level of degree sought, teaching effectiveness, publication, community service and others.
Program Duration and Sponsorship and Funding:  
The duration of the study for PhD program in management studies for regular program Will take three-four years.
Doctoral students are expected to be “in residence” throughout the year. The actual schedule will vary from one student to another, depending  on  the  student’s  prior  background  and  research  interests  and  the  specific requirements of the  study area . The first year will be dedicated to complete course work and Seminars and second year first semester will be for Proposal Development. During the first year foundation courses and advanced courses will be taught. At the end of the first and second semester, student will take a comprehensive written exam. In the second semester of the first year, the doctoral student will conduct two seminars, (Doctoral Seminar I and Doctoral Seminar II) and other two courses.  By second year first semester, students will develop the Dissertation proposal and defend the research proposal and in the second Year second semester and beyond students will finish their research, field work and defend the Dissertation.
University of Gondar staffs who are a student of PhD in Management shall be entitled to:

  • Exemption of teaching load as per the senate legislation and relevant laws,
  • Full monthly salary and any other related benefits of staff,
  • Any additional funding that he secured from funding institutions (if any),
  • Research grant up to 105,000 Birr if no research funds more than this amount is granted to him by funding institutions, subject to an approval by Directorate of Graduate Studies.

NB: A non-staff of   University of Gondar who is a student of PhD in Management in University of Gondar covers all expenses related to the program.
Graduation Requirement
To be eligible for graduation, all the PhD candidates must fulfil the following requirements:

  • 12 credit hours of course work, with no “D” and “C” grade in any course taken. The student is expected to take an examination at the conclusion of each course and obtain a grade of B or better in each course. Students may take supplemental examinations (which is normally given at the end of the second year) for the course they scored less than B grades and clear those grades (i.e. raise the grade to B or better);
  • A Minimum Cumulative Grade Point Average (CGPA) of 3.00;
  • Successful accomplishment of both written and/or oral comprehensive exams;
  • Pass the dissertation(12 credit hours) defence and publish two articles related to doctoral thesis in national or international reputable journals;

Degree Nomenclature
The Degree nomenclature of the program will be Doctor of Philosophy in Management Studies ( የፍልስፍና ዶክትሬት ዲግሪ በሥራ አመራር ጥናት)
Research Done by the Department Staffs
Since the department has good profile in terms of academic staff, the research and community service activities are growing from time to time. Research works are done by in group as well as individual level. The following are an indication of researches done by exemplary staffs in the department.

1.      Dr. Assegid Demissie Shishigu. (July,2016). WASTEFUL MANAGERIAL PRACTICES AND  ITS EFFECT ON EMPLOYEE ATTITUDE TO THEIR  ORGANIZATION; Assumption University-eJournal of Interdisciplinary Research (AU-eJIR)  Vol. 1, Issue 2,:31-40
2.      Dr Assegid Demissie Shishigu (July, 2016 ), Assessment of Followers’ Satisfaction with their Supervisors: The effect of Wasteful Management Practices, Vishwakarma Business Review, Vishwakarma Institute of Management, Vol VI, Issue 2:23-29
3.      Dr.Assegid Demissie Shishigu September        2016The Association of Corporate Governance with Employees’ Organizational Silence(A case of University of Gondar);Research Journal of Social science &Management;          >          RJSSM:            Volume:           06,       Number:          05,:50-57
4.      Dr.Assegid Demissie Shishigu (October,2016).The Opportunity and Challenges of Trade and Investment in Africa ,Bonfiring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vo..6,Special Issue:1-4
5.      Yilak Alamrew,, Haimanit Belay and Assegid Demissie Shishigu(Decmber 2016). The Effect of Governance on Employees’ Job Satisfaction, Intention to Leave and Task Performance (A Case of University of Gondar),Research Journal of Commerce and Behavioral Science,Vol.06,02:1-6
6.      Eniye Dargie Nega, Guday Abeje Mossie,& Assegid Demissie Shishigu( December,2016). An Assessment of Barriers of Micro And Small Businesses Encountering in their Business Start-Up (A case of North Gondar zone),Research Journal of Economics and Business Studies,Vol.06,02:43-49
7.      Sisay Yehuala Golla,, Genanew Agitew Birhanu,, Dr. Assegid Demissie Shishigu(January,2017). Job Satisfaction and its Determinants among Development Agents (The case of North Gondar Zone: Amhara Region, Ethiopia), Research Journal of Social science &Management;          >RJSSM:Volume:            06,       Number:09,:1-7
8.      Yilak Alamrew, Temesgen Andualem, and Assegid Demssie(Jan,2017). Job Satisfaction and Employees’ Intention to Leave Organizations (A Study on Gondar Poly Technical College) Research Journal of Social science &Management;                  RJSSM:Volume:06,    Number:09,:102-107
9.        Demis Alamirew
ምስኪኑ ተማሪ (ያልታተመ አጭር ልቦለድ)
እነማናቸዉ ባነቺ ያላለፉ (ያልታተመ አጭር ግጥም)
ከእረኝነት እስከ ፍልስፍና (ያልታተመ አጭር ልቦለድ)
Term papers and proposals: The establishment of Tele-center brunches in Mekelle city
The role of ICT in poverty alleviation
Evaluation of productivity safety net in Ethiopia
Perception of postgraduate students in modular learning system (proposal), a case of AAU
Articles:                         1.     Organizational Citizenship Behavior In Relation To Social Capital in North West Region of Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation: A Case of                                                Amhara Regional State
3.      Role and performance of micro & small enterprises in improving households life: a study of North Gondar zone
On going to publish: leadership & organizational citizenship behavior


  • Contact person


Name: Dr Asmamaw Tilahun Debas
Position: Head of Department of Management
Education: PhD in Public Administration
Mobile: +251-942200644