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Department of Management
Department of management currently has 39 staffs, of these 8 PhD, 3 assistant professors), 11 PhD fellows, 22 Master Degree holders and 1 Asst lecturers, 4 BA holders (newly recruited female staffs).

S.No Full Name 1st Degree 2nd degree 3rd degree Academic Rank Email address
1 Dr.Assegid Demisie BA in Management MBA PhD Associate  Professor
2 Assefa Tsegay BA in mgt MBA PhD candidate Assistant Professor
3 Dr.Emelda Lilian ?     Associate  Professor
4 Sewnet Aychile BA in management MBA   Lecturer
5 Addisu Mehari BA in mgt MA in public policy   Lecturer
6 Tadlo  Muche BA in mgt MBA   Lecturer
7 Jemila Hussien BA in mgt MBA   Lecturer
9 Solomon Melese BA in mgt MBA PhD fellow Lecturer
10 Oumer Muhammed BA in mgt MBA   Assistant Professor
11 Gedif Tessema BA in mgt MBA   Assistant Professor
12 Yilak Alamrew BA in mgt MBA   Assistant professor
13 Wondemenew  Fekadie BA in mgt MBA   Lecturer
14 Haimanot Guadie BA in mgt MBA PhD fellow Lecturer
15 Zerihun Kindie BA in mgt MBA PhD candidate Lecturer
16 Anwar Yimam BA in mgt MBA PhD candidate Lecturer
17 Dr. Demis Alamirew BA in mgt MA / MBA PhD Assistance  Professor
18 Baymot Tadese BA in mgt MBA PhD fellow Lecturer
19 Aderaw Gshaye BA in mgt MBA PhD Assistant professor
20 Asmamaw Argeta BA in Business education MBA PhD fellow             Lecturer
21 Asmamw Tilahun BA in mgt MA/MA in commerce   Assistant professor
22 Dr Shikur Ahmed BA in mgt MA in HRM PhD Assistant prof
22 Mulu Aderie BA in mgt MBA PhD candidate Lecturer
23 Addisu Adem BA in mgt MBA (mkt)   Lecturer
24 Dr. Teshale Birhanu BA in mgt MBA PhD Assistance  Professor
26 Getachew Wagaw BA in mgt MBA Phd candidate Lecturer
27 Adem Ibrahim BA in mgt MBA Phd candidate Lecturer
28 Minibyew Mekonnen BA in mgt MBA   Lecturer
29 Ermias Worku BA in Bus education MBA   Lecturer
30 Tigist Kasahun BA in mgt MBA   Lecturer
31 Ashetu Yesuf BA in mgt MBA student   Asst Lect
32 Elefachew mesfin BA in mgt MBA   Lecturer  
33 Tigist Teshome BA in mgt MBA   Lecturer i
34 Tadese Kabtamu BA in mgt MBA   Lecturer
35 Molla Getnet BA in mgt MBA   Lecturer
36 Dr Ferida     PhD Asst professor  

Research Done by the Department Staffs
Since the department has good profile in terms of academic staff, the research and community service activities are growing from time to time. Research works are done by in group as well as individual level. The following are an indication of researches done by exemplary staffs in the department.

1.      Dr. Assegid Demissie Shishigu. (July,2016). WASTEFUL MANAGERIAL PRACTICES AND  ITS EFFECT ON EMPLOYEE ATTITUDE TO THEIR  ORGANIZATION; Assumption University-eJournal of Interdisciplinary Research (AU-eJIR)  Vol. 1, Issue 2,:31-40
2.      Dr Assegid Demissie Shishigu (July, 2016 ), Assessment of Followers’ Satisfaction with their Supervisors: The effect of Wasteful Management Practices, Vishwakarma Business Review, Vishwakarma Institute of Management, Vol VI, Issue 2:23-29
3.      Dr.Assegid Demissie Shishigu September        2016The Association of Corporate Governance with Employees’ Organizational Silence(A case of University of Gondar);Research Journal of Social science &Management;          >          RJSSM:            Volume:           06,       Number:          05,:50-57
4.      Dr.Assegid Demissie Shishigu (October,2016).The Opportunity and Challenges of Trade and Investment in Africa ,Bonfiring International Journal of Industrial Engineering and Management Science, Vo..6,Special Issue:1-4
5.      Yilak Alamrew,, Haimanit Belay and Assegid Demissie Shishigu(Decmber 2016). The Effect of Governance on Employees’ Job Satisfaction, Intention to Leave and Task Performance (A Case of University of Gondar),Research Journal of Commerce and Behavioral Science,Vol.06,02:1-6
6.      Eniye Dargie Nega, Guday Abeje Mossie,& Assegid Demissie Shishigu( December,2016). An Assessment of Barriers of Micro And Small Businesses Encountering in their Business Start-Up (A case of North Gondar zone),Research Journal of Economics and Business Studies,Vol.06,02:43-49
7.      Sisay Yehuala Golla,, Genanew Agitew Birhanu,, Dr. Assegid Demissie Shishigu(January,2017). Job Satisfaction and its Determinants among Development Agents (The case of North Gondar Zone: Amhara Region, Ethiopia), Research Journal of Social science &Management;            >RJSSM:Volume:       06,       Number:09,:1-7
8.      Yilak Alamrew, Temesgen Andualem, and Assegid Demssie(Jan,2017). Job Satisfaction and Employees’ Intention to Leave Organizations (A Study on Gondar Poly Technical College) Research Journal of Social science &Management;                  RJSSM:Volume:06,    Number:09,:102-107
9.        Demis Alamirew
ምስኪኑ ተማሪ (ያልታተመ አጭር ልቦለድ)
እነማናቸዉ ባነቺ ያላለፉ (ያልታተመ አጭር ግጥም)
ከእረኝነት እስከ ፍልስፍና (ያልታተመ አጭር ልቦለድ)
Term papers and proposals: The establishment of Tele-center brunches in Mekelle city
The role of ICT in poverty alleviation
Evaluation of productivity safety net in Ethiopia
Perception of postgraduate students in modular learning system (proposal), a case of AAU
Articles:                         1.     Organizational Citizenship Behavior In Relation To Social Capital in North West Region of Ethiopian Electric Power Corporation: A Case of                                                Amhara Regional State
3.      Role and performance of micro & small enterprises in improving households life: a study of North Gondar zone
On going to publish: leadership & organizational citizenship behavior