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Community Service principles of the Universities

  1. Community Service activities will aim at fulfilling the University’s vision, mission and values statements, and the national aspiration of the country.
  2. Community service in the Universities shall be demand driven, problem solving and aimed at knowledge transfer and poverty reduction in the community, in particular, and all over the country, at large.
  3. The University will take into account goals and priorities established by appropriate government bodies in establishing its community service priorities.
  4. The University shall recognize community services that have direct benefit to the community and the country at large.
  5. The University management may give priority in terms of resource (facilities and funding) allotment to one or more selected thematic areas, depending on prevailing needs and relevance.
  6. The University encourages community service to be multidisciplinary in design and approach.
  7. The University’s overall community service focus is diversely expressed in each college/school focus area(s). Each focused area within the college/school/institute/faculty allows for community service convergence and the optimization of service resources.
  8. Any community service project proposal submitted for grant must be based on the identified focused areas of the University.
  9. Any community service project proposal granted by the university to be conducted by the name of the University must pass through the review process of the University.
  10. Any community service that does not fall within the theme of the faculty/college/school/institution thematic area(s) is called “complementary community service”, although this is not discouraged, it shall not take precedence over identified thematic-area in the allocation of University resources.
  11. Every community service project shall have a principal implementer, he/she should be the person within his/her respective faculty/college/school/institution who is authorized to act for and to assume the obligations imposed by the guideline, requirements, and conditions for a grant or grant application.
  12. Every community service project co-implementers should have the obligations imposed by the guideline, requirements, and conditions for a grant or grant application.
  13. For the enhancement of community service project effectiveness, the team could engage with partners from relevant public or private sector organizations or NGO’s.
  14. Staff shall be free to conduct community service activities, provided that they adhere to the University’s and Community’s ethical principles and values.
  15. All academic staff members are eligible to apply for community service project grant in the University.
  16. All community service projects granted by GOs and NGOs could be administered by the university.
  17. All academic staff members are required to provide community service, and the University is committed to support all community service with appropriate resources where necessary.
  18. A community service project proposal that requires long term resources shall be approved by the administration council of the University
  19. Within the defined thematic area(s) of the university, the faculty/institution/college/school identifies priority community service topics.
  20. Each institution/ faculty /college/school has responsibility in developing, implementing and monitoring their respective community service projects. University level approval and oversight of institution/ faculty /college/school community service projects lies with the University, delegated to the CSD.
  21. Budget allocated for community service is to serve as seed money and project implementers are encouraged to bring in kind or monetary support from stakeholders. No professional payment shall be planned for community service activities.