The 1st and 2nd National Conferences on Quality Education
It was the responsibility of this directorate to initiate, organize and host the 1st and 2nd National Conferences on Quality Education which were successfully done. The participants of these conferences include higher level officials from Ministry of Education, HERQA & HESC, representatives from other public universities throughout the country, regional bureau representatives of the Amhara region, all academic staffs of UoG, and student representatives.
3rd and 4th Institutional Annual Conferences on Quality of Education
The Directorate has also organized and hosted the 3rd (6 & 7 November 2015) and 4th (30 & 31 December 2016) Institutional Conferences on Quality of Education under the theme ‘Enhancing Quality of Education through System Transformation’. In both of these conferences highly respected officials from Federal and regional offices were found as guests including the State Minister of Ministry of Education, General Director of HERQA, Academic Vice Presidents of Universities found in Amhara region and many others.
The following research results and best practices on quality of education were presented to the audience during the above-mentioned two institutional annual conferences.
Papers presented during the 3rd Institutional Annual Conference:

  • Framework Conditions for Effective Quality Enhancement System in Universities
  • Revenue Generation Strategies in Sub-Saharan African Universities
  • Broadening the Remit of Quality Assurance in Ethiopia
  • Promoting Quality in Higher Education Through Community Engagement: Potential, Current Practices and Challenges
  • Institutional Self-evaluation
  • Graduate Tracer Study
  • HDP implementation assessment
  • Students, Instructors and Administrative Staff Concerns on Quality of Education
  • Continuous Assessment Practices at UoG: Opportunities and Challenges:
  • Peer Education handbook summary
  • Practice, Attitude and Challenges of Cooperative Learning Implementation in Ethiopian Higher Institutions
  • Technology Assisted Teaching and Learning in Higher Education
  • Academic Code of Conduct
  • Quality Assurance System at UoG
  • Quality Assurance at Admas University: Best Practices, Achievements and Challenges during Implementation

Papers presented during the 4th Institutional Annual Conference:

  • Opening speech by H.E., Dr. Samuel Kifle, State Minister, Ministry of Education
  • Keynote speech by Dr. Tesfaye Muhye, General Director, HERQA
  • Keynote speech by Professor Endeshaw Bekele, AAU
  • Renewing the role of university professors
  • Experiences of the University of Gondar – Ohio State University Twinning Program
  • Vision Of Ethiopian Universities In The Context Of Digital Universities
  • Rethinking Blended Learning
  • The potentials and prospects of the use of Academic portal system in higher learning
  • Technology based Education System: Use of the Cloud Computing in the Higher Education
  • በመተባበር መማር፡- አንድ ለሁሉም! ሁሉም ለአንድ! ንድፈ ሀሳብና ትግበራ ለትምህርት ልህቀት
  • Continuous Assessment Implementation and Final Examination Administration in UoG
  • Improving Large Class Management
  • Identifying challenges and Improving Female Students’ Participation in the Class Room
  • University of Gondar -Institutional Internal Quality Audit Report
  • University of Gondar-Education Quality Improvement Package