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As part of our 60th Anniversary we will be inaugurating our newly built referral hospital. The hospital is being jointly funded by the FDRE, Center for Disease Control (CDC) and Sheikh Mohammed Al –Amoudin. The inauguration will take place on the 6th of July 2014.

The current University of Gondar hospital has an existing capacity of around 400 beds and serves a population of 5 million. As one of the regions highest consumer of medical supplies both now and in the future we want to use occasion of Diamond Jubilee and our hospital inauguration to run a 4 day symposium for medical equipment, laboratory re-agent and drug manufacturers and suppliers.


Date: 4th – 7th July 2014

Venue: Science Amba Lecture Halls, College of Medicine & Health Science campus.

This campus also contains the University’s current hospital and the new 1000 bed referral hospital due to be inaugurated on Day 3 of the Symposium.

The Science Amba Lecture Hall buildings are also going to play host to the Next Steps Conference due to be held on Day 4 of the Symposium.


Companies will be able to hire a promotional booth for 4 days and be able to display their materials and equipment. Companies with new medicines or equipment (new technology) will be able to deliver seminars.

The symposium will also include a panel discussion with various industry representatives and stakeholders on the challenges and opportunities present in the industry.

In order to capture the widest audience range and number the Symposium has been arranged to run alongside the University’s Key Note Celebrations.

Further Information

Companies interested in taking part in the symposium can download the following attached documents:

  1. Symposium Information Sheet
  2. Symposium Expression of Interest Form