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One of our special initiatives in order to recognize our past graduates is the creation of the Diamond Jubilee Alumni Wall.

As part of our efforts to mark the momentous occasion of our 60th Anniversary we are creating a permanent commemorative alumni wall. Past graduates will be able to have their names written on the special wall in memory of their time as a student and graduate of the University. The wall will be divided into four parts in order to mark the four different phases of the institution’s development – Public Health College & Training Center, Gondar College of Medical Science, Gondar University College and the University of Gondar.

Each participating alumni will be able to have their name inscribed onto a 10cm by 40 cm stone. The stone will then be fixed onto the area of the wall that represents the institution that they graduated from. Each 10cm by 40 cm brick, the inscription and the permanent fixture will cost 3000 birr.

This is a great opportunity to become a permanent part of the institution which played a crucial part in your academic and life journey. It is an opportunity to commemorate the past and become a part of the future of the University. So please take part in this special initiative and leave behind your name for future generations, both your own and the University’s.

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If you would like to take part in this scheme please refer to the attached document for further details:

  1. DJ Alumni Wall