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The University of Gondar is celebrating its 60th Anniversary. On this momentous occasion we as a community look forward to the opportunity to celebrate all our past achievements, to honor the countless contributions made by many during our journey, to stand in acknowledgement of our current accomplishments and to envisage a long and fruitful future.

Since our establishment we have graduated approximately 30,000 students, many of whom have gone on to become leaders and pioneers in their fields.

As our past graduates you, our Alumni, form an integral part of our journey and we want to take the opportunity to celebrate your success and achievements and to recognize your contributions to our development as an institution. The University of Gondar is organizing a Celebration Week during 4th – 8th of July 2014 in order to honor our past graduates and provide a platform for reconnection.

We would  like to invite all our past graduates to attend our Diamond Jubilee Celebration Week, reconnect with our University community and join us in joyously celebrating our journey over the last 60 years!

Alumni Graduation Ceremony

 As part of the Celebration Week there will be the Alumni Graduation Celebration, scheduled to take place on the 5th of July 2014, to honor and celebrate all past graduates of  the Public Health College & Training Center (1954—1980), Gondar College of Medicine & Health Sciences (1980—2003), Gondar University College (2003—2004) and University of Gondar (2004—2013).

Registration for the alumni graduation event is now open. Please register for the event using the form found on the right hand side of this page .

Other Ways to Get Involved

As well attending the special alumni graduation ceremony, past graduates can also get involved in a range of different initiatives. Please visit the specific information pages in order to learn more: