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60_smallOur University is one of the largest and most distinguished higher educational institutions in Ethiopia, with a long and proud history of educational achievement and service. During its 60 years of service the University has undergone a great number of transformations. Initially established as Public Health College and Training Center in 1954, it transformed into the Gondar College of Medical Sciences (GCMS) 1980. In 2003 it underwent further transformation becoming Gondar University College before finally being established as the University of Gondar in 2004.

Established to meet the needs of the community, our institution maintains it’s commitment to contribute to the growth and development of our nation. Today through the creation of knowledge, the provision of quality education and a closer association with society, we seek to contribute to the sustainable socio-economic development of our nation.

Home to the oldest medical college in the country our University has a longstanding tradition of producing leading medical and health care professionals. Over the years our work and influence has grown and diversified. We currently have 1 College, 5 Faculties and 3 Schools providing societal needs tailored education, research and community service.  We offer 58 undergraduate and 64 postgraduate programs and now produce leading professionals in a range of fields including Law, Social Science and Humanities, Education, Natural and Computational Science, Technology, Veterinary Medicine and Agriculture. Throughout the University has remained a dynamic and innovative place offering students a stimulating intellectual and social environment. Since our establishment we have graduated over 25,000 students and in this academic year alone we have over 23,000 students enrolled.

Alongside our developing programs and delivery we want to ensure that we establish firm foundations to support our growth as an outstanding educational establishment.  As such we have invested heavily in developing our infrastructure. We are developing new sites as well as working to maintain and develop existing ones. Major building projects include the development of a referral hospital and a new campus in Tseda. We have invested heavily in our ICT infrastructure to ensure that we have the technology to take us into the future. Our ICT has received recognition nationally as a model of good practice. We also seek to ensure our future sustainability through innovative income generation schemes.

As we forge ahead into an increasingly interconnected and globalised world, we continue to strengthen our connections with the international community. We have ensured our relevance in the international arena by forging reciprocal arrangements with over 20 universities in 10 countries and by forming long term partnerships with a range of national,  international, Governmental and Non-Governmental Organisations.

Whichever phase of history that you were a part of and whatever name you know our great institution by, you our past students have been an integral part of our growth and development. As our community continues to grow in number and reach we are keen to ensure that our bonds remain strong between old and new, between the past and the future.

2014 sees us celebrating our 60th anniversary, our Diamond Jubilee. As a valued member of our University community we would love to have you participate in our celebrations. We will be providing further information about upcoming events in the near future. In the meantime we need your help to begin to build our Alumni community. We are asking all our past students and graduates to visit our website and register their details online.

As we forge ahead into our future we would like to invite our past students, graduates and friends to be part of our journey.


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