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Hiwot Girma
Hiwot Girma

Our Story Begins…

In May 2010 2nd year nursing  student Hiwot Girma was diagnosed with aplastic anemia and referred abroad for better management. The cost of such a solution was beyond her means. A call for help notice was posted and moved by her plight a group of PC-II medical students felt compelled to act. They came together and decided to take action by organizing and running fund raising activities.

The group employed a range of strategies to sustain their fundraising efforts including:

  • Arranging football games between students and lottery games
  • Holding auctions
  • Providing a range of student services in exchange for payment
  • Motivating students to give up cafeteria meals  and making cuts from cost sharing
  • Collecting money from the student body, staff members  and residents of Gondar town
  • Giving out sponsorship papers to governmental and non- governmental organizations

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The fundraising lasted for ten days and we were able to raise 130,000 Etb. 100,000.00 Etb was collected from the different community fundraising activities. 30,000.00 Etb was donated from the University of Gondar.
Hiwot Girma was able to get her treatment(steam cell transplantation) in Thailand, Bangkok. She is currently healthy and attending her classes at Bahir Dar, Alkan University College where she remains an activist in Addi Hiwot Charity Association.

After the fund raising came to an end, recommendations from the university community including the college of medicine and health science Dean were made on the continuity of the fundraising committee as a charity association…

The Addis Hiwot charity association was established on May 2010 with 20 medical students of University of Gondar.