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New Picture (15)University of Gondar Addis Hiwot Charity Association was established in May 2010 by medical students at the University of Gondar.

Our Mission

We are strive to offer opportunities for those who are in need to empower themselves  and enable them to be the main actor in solving societal problems.

Our Vision

We aim to realise the establishment of Addis Hiwot Village as well as the referral hospital which will provide services for free for those in need.

Our Work

The Association is a non profitable organization which is free from political, racial & religious interference. Since  the establishment the association has been working in solving the health, social, economical & academical problems facing Gondar University students in their stay, by working hand in hand with the university management & the university community. We seek to provide free services including providing medical support; academic support (financial and tutorial); counseling and guidance; and different community services.

We also seek to encourage students to provide community services outside of the university. We have opened two branches out of the University based in North Gondar – Chiliga & Bahir Dar and Alkan university college. We are also planning to be registered nationally as a nongovernmental organization (NGO) in the near future to serve the community at large.


We are the bridge between you and those who need your help!