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The School of Law is actively involved in various community service activities and has been able to develop a strong reputation among communities in the local region and beyond.

Free Legal Aid Center

Most notably, our School has opened free legal aid centers at Gondar town and in various surrounding woredas where law instructors and students give free service to the indigent members of the community. At present, our School has a main office at Gondar town and seven more branch centers in surrounding Woredas.

The Legal Aid Center aims to improve access to justice in the North and South Gondar Zones of the Amhara regional state by providing community outreach services. The Center works to support both vulnerbale members of the community and to serve the training needs of our law students.  It aims to deliver legal aid services ranging from basic information to court representation to indigent members of the surrounding community in the town of Gondar. It also provides practice oriented legal education for the students of the law school nurturing and developing graduates’ passionate for ensuring human rights protection.

As a community service wing of our School of Law, the School administration together with the Director and Vice Director of the Legal Aid Center are mandated to devise sustainable ways of ensuring access to justice using university or other resources. In 2012/13 budget year, the University has allocated 339,884 birr to the School to run its legal aid service activities.

To find out more information about our work please visit the Legal Aid Center information page.

Moot Court

The School of Law runs a moot court center where students simulate court proceedings as practicing professional on various hypothetical legal cases under the supervision of instructors assigned for this purpose. Since its establishment, our School has maintained a remarkable history of participation in moot court competitions both at national and international levels. We have been awarded trophies 5 times at the National Level. Additionally our students have been selected as the best orators 4 times at the national and once at international moot events. We have also successfully hosted a National moot court competition of law schools of all the public universities in 2011.

“Achieving our aims through a closer association with society”