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In order to alleviate major problems of the country in animal health, veterinary public heath, and animal production the Faculty of Veterinary Medicine has chosen and organized three research thematic areas consisting of five research groups.

Farm and Wild animal health

  • Research group on respiratory, soil borne and stomatitis of farm animals.

The group focouses on respiratory diseases of farm animals which include RDC (PPR, CCPP, pasteurellosis, media visna, verminous pneumonia and other viral diseases involved in RDC of small ruminants), CBPP, bovine pasteurellosis, African horse sickness , soil-borne  diseases and stomatitis of farm animals.   

  •  Research group on poultry, wildlife diseases and none respiratory diseases of small ruminants

The team focuses on major poultry diseases (NCD, IBD, coccidiosis, chronic respiratory diseases, Marek’s disease, fowl cholera, nutritional deficiencies, salmonellosis), wildlife animal diseases and non respiratory diseases of small ruminants including drug efficacy tests associated with these diseases.  

Veterinary Public Health

  •  Research group on food-borne zoonoses and food safety

The group focuses on zoonotic diseases that are acquired through foods of animal origin and on chemical and physical hazards in relation to foods of animal origin.

  •  Research group on non food-borne zoonoses and zoonotic tuberculosis

The group focuses on zoonotic diseases transmitted through vector and contacts as well as tuberculosis 

  • Research group on “Applied research in VPH”

To address issues of drug residual effects in food, the use of drugs in food animal production and effects in consumers.

Animal production, productivity and socio economic matters.

The team focuses on animal production, extension, breeding, nutrition as well as the socio economics of livestock production 

“Achieving our aims through the creation of knowledge”