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CSSH UIL and TT coordinator office

The UIL and TT coordinator office of social science and humanities was established with the main objectives to:

  • Support research institutes to develop their capacity to search for, learn about, adapt and utilize effective foreign technologies,
  • Ensure research work in higher education and research institutions is in line with the technological needs of national development programs,
  • Support joint research activities among universities, research institutes and industries
  • Support medium and large industries to establish research centers on technology adaptation.

Universities are expected to establish effective and functional partnerships with institutions and other stakeholders with common interest for the realization in the overall socioeconomic development goals of the country. The office arranges a link between the different stakeholders and the departments in the college.

Universities have qualified manpower to generate and/or adapt, and transfer appropriate technologies to enhance national development. To support this, the office arranges a technology transfer proposal call each year and awards a grant for those proposals which transfer a technology to the society.

Student Internships are an important complement to any academic program, and in particular a key element of university-industry linkages. The office arranges student’s placement to different Industries for Internship and follow their progress.

Contact Person

Abel Markos (MSc.)
( GIS and Remote Sensing)
Coordinator, UIL and TT, College of Social science and the Humanities

Email:Mobile phone: +251920253472

P. O. Box: 196
University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia