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Established in 2007, the Department of Ethiopian Lanuguage(s) & Literature – Amharic aims to satisfy our country’s need for skilled manpower and to produce competent, interested and skillful graduates who will serve as general language experts.
Our Departments works to fulfill the following objectives:

  • Train writers and critics, public relation officers, editors and translators
  • Train researchers in the field of literature and human concerns
  • Offer short term training on language skills and literature
    • Report writing
    • Literature principles and related issues
    • Translation
  • Organize workshops on:
    • Languages study( Linguistics)
    • Literature (editing, literary criticism etc.)
  • Offer language related services related to:
    • Translation service
    • Editing service
    • Preparation and evaluation of language curriculum
  • Conduct Research on the various languages and literatures of Ethiopia
  • Offer consultancy services to organizations and institutions
  • Participate at regional and national forums

We currently offer a three year undergraduate program – B.A. in Ethiopian Language(s) & Literature – Amharic that equips students with professional and practical orientation.
If you would like to learn more about our work or you have any queries please contact:

Ato Ephriem Tiruneh
Job Title:
Head, Department of Ethiopian Language(s) & Literature – Amharic