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College of Social Sciences and the Humanities Registrar Coordinator

The office of Social Science and the Humanities assistant registrar established in April 2006 E.C. The office had served the college under Maraki Campus Associate Registrar since 2002 E.C. when the University’s registrar office restructured it from faculty assistant registrar into campus based associate registrar following the implementation of Business Processing Re-engineering (BPR). However, since April 2006 E.C, the office started to work independently as the College of Social Sciences and Humanities Assistant Registrar.

The Office of the Assistant Registrar is enthusiastic to support the University to accomplish its mission and vision through provision of quality and up-to-date services in line with the Mission of Gondar University is to contribute to the sustainable socio economic development of the nation through provision of societal needs tailored education, undertaken problem based researches and rendering relevant community services.

The Assistant Registrar provides academic support services for the academic programs of the University. It serves College, Schools, students, administration, staff and alumni with the help of 10 Subordinate Staff: Admission Coordinator (1), Data base and Statistics Coordinator (1), Senior Officer (1), Data base and Statistics officer (4) Admission Officer (1), Secretary (1) and Janitor and Runner (1).

The office also maintains timely and accurate records of the academic progress of students. Several services and activities are conducted as a result of maintaining the academic records of students. Typical activities include registration, preparing student copy, checking graduation requirements and providing temporary diplomas for graduates. The Office permanently documents students’ academic records in different forms.

The registrar gives services for College of Social Sciences and Humanities, at the level of Undergraduate and postgraduate for all regular, extension and summer programs of:

  • Department of Amharic Language and Literature,
  • Department of Civic and Ethical Studies,
  • Department of Development and Environmental Studies,
  • Department of English Language and Literature,
  • Department of Gender and Development Studies,
  • Department of Geography and Environmental Studies,
  • Department of History and Heritage Management,
  • Department of Population Studies,
  • Department of Psychology,
  • Department of Social Anthropology,
  • Department of Sociology,
  • Department of Social Work,
  • Department of Theatrical Art,
  • Department of Journalism and Communication,
  • Department of Criminology,
  • Department of Music,
  • Department of Film and Television Production

Student’s admission criterion is as per Higher Education admission criteria set by Ministry of Education.

Contact Person

Mr. Tewodros Abuhay (Assistant Professor)
(BA in History, MA in Development Studies )
Head, Assistant Registrar Office, College of Social science and the Humanities

Email:Office phone: +251588119084

Mobile phone: +251913624006
P. O. Box: 196
University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia