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College of Social Sciences and the Humanities Postgraduate Programs

The College of Social Sciences and the Humanities (CSSH) is one of the nine academic units at the University of Gondar. Currently, the college has more than fifteen MA and one PhD programs that are designed to meet the needs of the people who are keen to extend their profile beyond undergraduate degree. They are currently offered in the regular, extension and summer programs spanning the college. There are also enormous efforts to launch other MA and PhD programs in various disciplines. For the pertinent and consistency of the accomplishments of the rules and regulations across the programs, there is a Postgraduate Policy and Guidelines prepared on the basis of the university’s senate legislation.

In order to ensure the quality of education and maintain the nationally recognized quality requirements of the curricula, the university operates a special office namely, Quality Assurance and Audit Directorate Office. Through the system, sustained and frequent supervision is made covering all aspects of activities: teaching, research and innovation. In line with this, the CSSH has established a system that functions to ensure and strengthen the quality of the overall performances of the postgraduate programs. In general, the College of Social Sciences and the Humanities is aggressively endeavoring for the launching and expansion of postgraduate programs with the continued provision of special attention.

Lists of Postgraduate Programs, CSSH

Clinical Psychology


Programs Offered (MA)

Coming Soon (MA)

1 Urban & Regional Development Planning
2 Natural Resource & Environmental Management
3 Public policy & Sustainable Development Peace and Security
4 Social Anthropology
5 Social Psychology
7 Literature
8 Applied Linguistics and Communication
9 Teaching English as a Foreign Language(TEFL)
10 Sociology
11 Historic Archaeology and Art History
12 Population and Reproductive Health
13 Social Work
14 Applied Linguistics in Teaching Amharic
15 Gender and Development Studies
16 History

Programs Offered (PhD)

Coming Soon (PhD)

1 Teaching English as a Foreign Language(TEFL) Social Anthropology
2 Natural Resource and Environmental Management Development and Environment
3 Urban and Regional Planning
4 Clinical Psychology
5 Sociology
6 Social Work

The College of Social Sciences and the Humanities warmly welcome newly registered MA and PhD candidates. Registration is open twice each academic year- September and February.


Contact Person

Yoseph Mezgebu (PhD)
PhD in TEFL, Department of English Language and Literature
Postgraduate Program Coordinator, CSSH

Email:Mobile phone: +251918276636

P. O. Box: 196