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College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Department of Geography and Environmental Studies Profile

Geography and Environmental Studies is one of the departments under College of Social Sciences and the Humanities. The department had admitted 72 students for the first time in undergraduate program in 2003 with 3 lecturers. Since then the department has been playing a significant role in launching new departments of Development and Environmental Management Studies and Population Studies in 2007 and 2009/10 respectively. Besides, the department has launched MA programs in two specializations namely, Natural Resources and Environmental Management and Urban and Regional Development Planning in 2010/11.

After conducting rigorous need assessment in the job market the department of geography and environmental studies has launched PhD program Geography and Environmental studies in to specializations namely: Natural Resources and Environmental Management (NREM) and Urban and Regional Planning in 2016. The department has the following staff profiles: three associate professors with PhD, three assistant professors with PhD, three assistant professor without PhD, 4 PhD candidates, seven lecturers and two laboratory technicians. most of staff member of the department are involved in different mega research, community services and technology transfer project of the university each year and serve their country in effective and efficient manner. Department of geography and environmental studies also have the following facilities: two GIS and Remote Sensing Laboratories, One Cartography and aerial photo interpretation laboratory, one Surveying laboratory and Seminar rooms.

The major thematic areas (for research, projects and partnerships) of the department are:

  • Natural Resources analysis and management
  • Urban planning, management and development
  • Environmental resources analysis, EIA and Disaster management
  • Physical and Human geography
  • Land administration
  • Map Making
  • Geospatial modelling
  • Remote sensing and Earth observation

Staff Profile of Geography and Environmental studies Department

No. Instructor’s Name Rank Specialization Remark
1 Dr. Satya Kurma Associate professor Urban and regional Geography /GIS and RS Active
2 Dr.BehailuTadesse Associate professor Biodiversity and Ecotourism Active
3 Dr. MussieYbabie Associate professor Rural development Active
4 Dr. Meseret Kassie Associate professor Natural Resources and Life Science Active
5 Dr. PujariKirsheniah Associate professor Urban and Regional Geography Active
6 Mr. KassahunGashu Associate professor Regional and Urban Planning PhD Candidate/Study leave
7 Mr. Abel Markos Associate professor GIS and Remote Sensing Active
8 Mr. Eyaya Belay Associate professor GIS and Remote Sensing PhD Candidate/Study leave
9 Mr. Assayew Nebere Lecturer GIS and Remote Sensing / Water Resources Management MSc and MA/Active
10 Mr. Wagaw Legesse Lecturer Human Geography PhD Candidate/Active
11 Mr.GashawTeshome Lecturer Human Geography Active
12 Mr. GetenetTarko Lecturer Human Geography Active
13 Mr. MulatTilahun Lecturer Physical Geography Active
14 Mr. Linger Ayele Lecturer Environment& development studies(PhD) PhD Candidate/Active
15 Mr. EbrahimEsa Lecturer Geo-environmental Systems Analysis (MSc) PhD Candidate/Active
16 Mr. DemisMengist Lecturer Economic Geography PhD Candidate/Study leave
17 Mss. Belayenesh Kebede Lecturer Geography and Envtal studies (Med) PhD Candidate/Active
18 Mrs. Yemeserach Asemelash Lab Assistant III ICT/GIS BSc candidate /Active
19 Mr. Hunie Getu Lab Assistant II Surveying BSc candidate /Active

Contact Person

Mr. Assayew Nebere Ambaw
Head, Department of Geography and Environmental Studies

Email: OR

Mobile phone: +251910022210
Office telephone: +251 588 1190 61
P. O. Box: 196
University of Gondar, Gondar, Amhara regional state, Ethiopia