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College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Department of Theatre ART’s profile

In university of Gondar department of theatre Arts was opened in 2006 E.C Recently it is under the umbrella of collage of social science and Humanities UOG is taking responsibility in contributing its own role in developing Artwork in Ethiopia. It has also strong initiation to use art as a tool in educating and instructing the society.

The Department in its history had received 12 students in regular program for the first time in 2006 E.c. Thos historical students will graduate in 2009 E.C after four years of study. The following is tabular presentation of current student’s information in 2009E.c.

Year of study Year of enterance No of students Male Female Year of exit graduation
1st 2009E.C 2012E.C
2nd 2008E.C 2011E.C
3rd 2007E.C 2010E.C
4th 2006E.C 11 3 8 2009E.C

In addition the department tries to improve its quality of education through improving Quality and efficiency of its own lecturers. So every lecturer are being given scholar ship opportunities to different higher education institutions for further education and new staff members are also being employed. Here is also the current 2009E.C. tabular statics of staffs.

No of staff Year of employment Academic status Current academic status Cumulative number of staffs Male Female
2 2005E.C Graduate assistant I Assistant lecturers+ MA students 2 2
3 2007E.C Graduate assistant I Assistant lecturers+ MA students 5 5
3 2008E.C 1. Graduate assistant I & 2. Graduate assistant II 2Assistant lecturers+21Graduate assistant II 8 7 1
4 2009E.C 3Graduate assistant II & 1MA 3Graduate assistant II & 1MA 12 11 1

UOG: theatre Arts department aimed at enhancing education of theatre Arts supported with research as an academic institution. Parallel to this , it is presenting short and full length theatre productions to educate, instruct and entertain surrounding community occasionally and periodically.

For example Among occasional performances

  • for UOG 60th year Diamond jubilee
  • for UOG/CSSH 10th year establishment
  • for Grand Ethiopian Renaissance dame
  • for May 20 celebration
  • for Ethiopian Defense Force day takes place on the 1st February 2007 E.C in Bahir Dar
  • for World Theatre Day that celebrated in Welikite University.

Among periodic performances

  • on 28th Nov. 2007 E.C the play entitled by < > (አባትየዉ) had been staged
  • on 13th Jan.2008 E.C and 2009 E.C the play entitled by < > (እቴጌ ጣይቱ) had been staged with the help of staff member’s and studant’s collaboration
  • on 26th Des.2009E.c. the play entitled by< >()had been staged.
  • on 22th Jun.2009E.C. the play entitled by < >(ሀሌታ ሙዚቃዊ ድራማ) had been staged and performed by 3rd year theatre art students.

The drastic transformation of international developmental communication strategy has changed the set of skills needed for success in the field of Theatre Arts and Film industry in the global work place.

At this time in Ethiopia, the chronic shortage of theatre professionals, the absent of film school, the uncertainty of the digital feature , above all the country’s current intricate and multifaceted socio-cultural and socio-economic problem has made the field more difficult than ever. Non professional and functional knowledge are no longer sufficient .Competitive professionals skilled through truly integrated training that marry international level art education and media industry requirement are needed.

Moreover, as it is known Ethiopia is in struggle to meet the millennium development goal, stage theatre and electronic media’s drama will play a great role as developmental tool through its unlimited power for collective social change. Generally, as a means to eradicate poverty and to bring sustainable development through Theatre Arts and new media’s drama , professionals are needed now than ever. Therefore, it is a necessary condition for ministry of Education to open the Department of Theatre Arts in different universities of the country.

Contact Person

Atsedemariam zeleke
Head, Department of Theatre Arts

Email:Mobile phone: +251912491751

P. O. Box: 196
University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia