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College of Social Sciences and Humanities


History of the Department in brief

The Department of Sociology at University of Gondar started its regular training program in December 2003 by enrolling 110 students. As a new department without an already developed curriculum, the curriculum of the Department of Sociology and Social Anthropology of Addis Ababa University was used as a starting point. Meanwhile, the staff of the new department had been working hard to develop its own curriculum and, side by side, a separate curriculum for the Bachelor of Arts program in Anthropology, which was then under the auspices of the Department of Sociology. The department has commenced a three years Bachelor of Arts curriculum in Sociology in 2005. After six years of endeavor, the department promoted itself into the department of Sociology and social work by opening Social work department as a sister department. Two years later, these two departments together developed School of Sociology & Social Work under which they have been working. So as to meet the growing demand the department has also extended its program to include extension program in the undergraduate session.

This year alone two curriculums has been prepared one is undergraduate program in criminology and the other is PhD program in sociology. The former has began its program by admitting 28 students and while the later is ready to launch in the next academic year/ 2018. The department has also opened Post Graduate Program in sociology in both Regular, Continuous (Extension & Summer) programs since 2010 with 12 and 22 students respectively. This time, sociology department has a total number of 377 actively engaged students of which 48 are in Post graduate and 329 (109 females) are in an under graduate programs. In this academic year, 2017/18, the department has prepared a curriculum for Phd program and it has been approved with the consequent opening of the program.

Academic Staff Profile of the Department
SNo Academic Ranks Number Remark
1 Professors 4 1 Visiting Professor
2 PhD Candidates 3
3 Lecturers 11
4 Assistant Lecturers 2
5 MA Students 1
Total 21

Contact Person

Muluken Fikadie
Head, Department of Sociology

Mobile phone: +251 918 729514
Office phone: +251 0588119320/ 588 129 013/28
P. O. Box: 196
University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia