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The Profile of the Department Psychology

The Department of Psychology of the University of Gondar has a long history. Before 2003, it was under the Department of Basic & Social Sciences in the former Gondar College of Medical Sciences, but limited only in offering service courses for about half a century. An important landmark happened in 2003 when psychology has become a full-fledged department belonged to the Faculty of Social Sciences and the Humanities. Since then, the department has been giving training for psychology major students and offering service courses to diverse disciplines in other departments of Colleges and Schools at the University of Gondar.

The Department of Psychology has made an important stride just in six years after its formal inception of undergrad students; launching a graduate program in Social Psychology. Apart from the number of generalists it has already graduated so far, currently the department serves to 150 students in the regular undergrad program. Another twenty-six students are receiving Master training in Clinical Psychology and Social Psychology streams with regular and extention programs. The Department is the leading in receiving and training students in Master of Science in Clinical Psychology; it has begun the program earlier than any other University in Ethiopia.

The department has 28 academic staffs of which 10 are on study leave. Of those who are currently on job, two are senior staffs who perused PhD degrees while the remaining are Master Degree holders. Hence, today we are offering courses at all levels with Master degree and/or above holders. Besides, two PhD graduate Indian professors are working with the department.

In addition to the teaching and learning at campus base, the staffs of the department are carrying on researches and community services. Corroboratively, almost all of them are involving with one or more mega research projects funded by the University of Gondar. Moreover, the staffs provide professional assistance including, academic advice, counseling, consultations, life skills trainings, and others to both the University and outer communities.

The Department of Psychology has come up with emerging and progressive ambitions cascaded from the five years’ strategic plan of the College of Social Sciences and the Humanities. Good governance, effective and efficient department and individual annual plans and improved teaching learning quality are the major landmarks of success to bring around the strategic plan. With regard to teaching learning prospect, extending undergrad and post grad coverage together with launching new high degree programs are targets of the department. Hence, demand driven and market oriented Master and PhD degree programs are to be established within the coming few years. The preliminary requirements are being conducted with some task forces under the department’s lead.

Contact Person

Misaye Mulatie(PhD)
PhD in Social Psychology
Head, Department of Psychology

Email:Mobile phone: +251934470705

P. O. Box: 196
University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia