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Department Ethiopian Language(s) and Literature –Amharic

Ethiopian Language(s) and Literature –Amharic Department, was established in 2010 (2003 E.C). Currently, the department has 82 students in the regular program and 1457 students in summer program, After all this endeavors and accomplishments, the dep’t was opened post graduate program in Applied Linguistics in Teaching Amharic in the year 2014 with 12 students in the extension program Now a days, the dep’t has 9 additional students in the extension & 250 students in the summer & 8 students in the Regular Programs .

The department of Ethiopian language(s) and literature –Amharic, understand that education may be wasteful when the goal is only to increase the relative number of people with certain level of qualification. Thus, the education we are delivering should be geared to producing qualified citizens who can be responsible and meaningfully engage in the development activities of the nation.

Regarding staff development, the department currently, has 17 staff members out of these 10 of them are active staffs and 7 of them are on study leave. From these active staffs 1 is PhD holder, 9 of them are lecturers.

Contact Person

Agegnehu Tesfa (PhD),
(BA in Amharic Language & Literature, M.A in TEAM & PhD in Applied Linguistics In Teaching Ethiopian Languages )
Head, Department of Ethiopian Language (s ) & Literature _ Amharic

Email:Mobile phone: +251918775775

P. O. Box: 196