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University of Gondar has the vision to be the leading societal problem solving university in the country by 2020. It delivers community needs-tailored services hand in hand with its commitment to produce competent professionals and undertaking problem solving research works.

Consistent with the vision of our University, college of social sciences and the Humanities has persistently maintained and strengthened its commitment to meet its shared vision and mission with the university.

In particular with the mission of coordinating and catalyzing the University’s community services work , community service coordination office at the college of social sciences and Humanities was endorsed in 2014.Institutional set up and appropriate funding have been put in place to help the staffs to engage in community services including capacity building, direct services and organizing partnership with community.

As part of the second five year strategic plan of our university, community services projects has to be result oriented an d mega in scale and intervention. The area which the college gives due priority in this regard are diverse and range from training provision to direct intervention.

For the academic year of 2016/17 the following four community service projects developed by staffs of the college and funded by our university.

Project title
Principal coordinator

Collection, Documentation and Preservation of Oral Traditions and Oral Histories in North Gondar, Amhara Region, Ethiopia

Adera Getaneh, Lecturer, Department of History and Heritage Management, Email:


Training towards Improving the Professional Competence of Tour Guides, Receptionists and Waiters in Major Tourist Destinations of Amhara Regional State: Phase I

Tewodros Abuhay (Ass. Prof), Principal Coordinator, Department of civics and ethical studies


Enhancing The Caring And Educating Skills Of Preschool Teachers, Education Officers And Parents

Habtamu Genet (M.A), Department of Psychology


Creating inclusive society through strengthening the capacity of students in North Gondar Zone to excel on the University Entrance Examination

Dr. Mikyas Abera

Remark: we have also formidable tradition of delivering volunteer community services in addition to the mentioned university sponsored projects. Staffs have been engaged teaching tutorial class for needy secondary schools in all subjects to make students competent in national examinations.

Ebrahim Damtew

Assistant Professor in History

Head for Community Service Coordination,

College of Social Sciences and Humanities <

E mail-

University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia