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Department of Civics and Ethical Studies (DCES)

Department profile

The department of Civics and Ethical Studies is inaugurated in 2000 E.C. (2007). The main reasons for the opening of the department are to equip students with the necessary knowledge and skill related with democracy, good governance, ethics, national unity, tolerance and other values. In short period of time after its establishment, the department started to receive students for major bachelor program. Since then, the department is striving to nourish the national and local needs for skilled man power through its major and common course programs. Currently there are two undergraduate programs under the DCES: BA in Civics and Ethical Studies and BA in Political Science and International Relations; and post-graduate program in Civics and Ethics (summer in service program). Besides, the department has completed its preparation to open additional two MA programs and Peace and Security Studies and Political Science.

To make the teaching learning process more suitable, the department has been hiring qualified man power from different specialization and has sent the staffs for postgraduate study. Since the main objective of the department is not confined to teaching learning activity, faculty members under the department are highly involved in to different activities. The major areas in which the staffs actively participated are mega research project and community service. The department has been delivering Civics and Ethics common course to all departments across the University and Logic and Reasoning Skill, Medical Ethics, Professional Ethics, and Conflict Management to some departments in the University. Currently, the department has a total of 33 active and on study leave staffs. Out of these four staffs are PhD. candidates, seven MA candidates the rest are active staffs. The department is ready to make any kind of relation with different governmental and non-governmental organizations to perform different activities that will bring positive change for the local community in particular and the country in general.

For further, please contact the department through the following address.

Contact Person: Yared Debebe Yetena
Head, Department of Civics and Ethical Studies
CSSH Exam Center Coordinator

Email:Mobile phone: +251918173563

P. O. Box: 196