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College of Social Sciences and Humanities

Social Anthropology Department
Background of the Department

Anthropology is one of the most exciting subjects to study at university today, and it is not exception at University of Gondar to undertake research and community services. The Department of Anthropology at University of Gondar began its training program in October 2004, enrolling 72 students for the first time. As there was no curriculum developed for the department, the curricula of Sociology and Social Anthropology Department, Addis Ababa University, and that of Case Western Reserve University, USA have been adapted and utilized to develop the curriculum of Bachelor of Arts Degree in Anthropology. After four batch graduation in 2008 by reconsidering the relevance of the curriculum and teaching resources in the country, the educational curricula has been changed to Social Anthropology, which is one of the four discipline of Anthropology.

Social Anthropology focuses on cultural, social, economic, political, and religious forms of human organization and explores cultural comparisons as well as processes of socio-cultural change. Here, culture refer all of the non-material, symbolic, and material expressions of human existence, including all aspects from physical objects and techniques to business practices and forms of social organization, and knowledge, religion, art, and education. In addition to providing education, the department is distinguished by applying anthropological knowledge in solving societal problems through research and community service activities.

In 2011 by considering the relevance of professions, the staffs of Department of Social Anthropology has taken the responsibility to launch postgraduate program in Development Anthropology. Also two additional fields in undergraduate program: Gender and Development Studies and History and Heritage Management was established. After some years both of them are separated from Social Anthropology and established as independent department.

Based on the need assessment carried out in 2015, the MA curriculum in Development Anthropology revised and changed to Social Anthropology.

Research Interests of the Academic Staff of the Department includes:

  1. Indigenous Knowledge system (conflict resolustion, health care system, environment management, crop production, soil fertility, finance managemnt, education, ans soon)
  2. Cultural Diversity, Ethnicity, Identity and Nationalism
  3. Ethnic politics, multiculturalism, cultural assimilation
  4. Traditional Medicine
  5. Community Based Development
  6. Entrepreneurship
  7. Cultural Tourism
  8. Family Relationship, Divorce and Trends of Marriage and family
  9. Migration, Resettlement, refugee, Diaspora, human trafficking
  10. Child Abuse, Prostitution, streetism
  11. Culture Change, Globalization and Transnationalism
  12. Gender inequality, Domestic violence, Gender Division of labor
  13. Humanitarian aid and Sustainable Development
  14. Social Justice and Human Right
  15. Border Dispute and ethnic and religious conflict

Consultation Services given by the department staff include the following areas

  • Development Intervention
  • Heritage conservation and Interpretation Cultural Tourism
  • Hospital and other health centers
  • Justice Department
  • Empowering agents for disadvantageous groups including women and children
  • Child Care centers

Staff Profile

# Name Rank Remarks
1 Tebaber Chanie (Dr.) Assistant Professor Chairperson of the Department
2 Lema Tekeba Lecturer
3 Emiwodew Melkegnaw Lecturer
4 Mohamedawol Hagos Lecturer
5 Muluneh Demissie Lecturer
6 Tilahun Tsetargachew Lecturer
7 Birihanu Matebe Lecturer
8 Amlaku Alemu Lecturer
9 Nahom Girma Lecturer
10 Mesfin Dessiye (Mr.) PhD Candidate
11 Addisu Gedilu (Mr) PhD Candidate
11 Addisu Gedilu (Mr) PhD Candidate
12 Yohannes (Mr) PhD Candidate
13 Dawit Yosef (Mr.) PhD Candidate
14 Sisay Tigabu (Mr.) PhD Candidate
15 Gebeyehu Mengesha Lecturer & MA Student
15 Abinet Abebe MA Student

Contact Person

Chairperson, Department of Social Anthropology
Tebaber Chanie Workneh (PhD)
Assistant Professor of Social Anthropology

Email:Mobile phone: +2519 11417536

P. O. Box: 196
University of Gondar, Gondar, Ethiopia