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Department of Physics Head’s Message
Dear Readers!
Welcome to Department of Physics at, College of Natural and Computational Sciences, University of Gondar.
Department of Physics is one of the four Science Departments that was launched when the University of Gondar was established in 2003. At the establishment, the department had only three instructors and about 50 under graduate students with one technical assistant.
The Department has two classrooms (which are used for lectures, tutorials & seminars), & three laboratories (used for General, Intermediate, Advanced & Computational Physics Labs). Experimental activities are the most important components of physics instruction. The Department has launched M.Sc. Program in 2013. The M.Sc. Program has mainly focused on specialization in Statistical Physics, and in the near coming the program will also open on specializations in Earth Systems (Geophysics), Medical physics & Photonics (Optical-electronics).
The Department’s current enrollment is more than 340 students and with academic staff of more than 25. The Department is a pioneer in introducing Applied Physics (Geophysics, Medical Physics & Optical-electronics) & Computational Physics Courses in the Ethiopia’s Physics Undergraduate Program. Besides the department and members of the department are engaged in researches and providing various community services such as donating laboratory apparatus and kits for junior and secondary schools, offering short term trainings and practical attachments to different technical and vocational training colleges and nearby institutions.
The graduate from the department is working in different governmental and nongovernmental sectors; especially in educational sectors. Many of them are pursuing their further education (M.Sc. degree), at Universities inside and outside of the country. This academic year (2013-2014) brings many changes and challenges, and with them come new opportunities. This year department implementing the change agents like the KAIZEN, BSC, and the educational army building, specifically one to five (1 to 5) arrangement in students, instructors and technical assistants.
Department of Physics is dedicated to meet the diverse needs of the nation thereby providing demand driven practical based scientific education, undertaking problem based researches and rendering community services in local and national priority areas.
The department aspires to be the leading societal problem solving department in science and technology in the country by 2020.

Contact Address

Ato Yonas Endale

Department of Physics,
College of Natural and Computational Sciences,
University of Gondar,
Gondar, Ethiopia.
P.O. Box No.: 196,