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Dear Readers
Department of Applied Chemistry was one of the first departments established under the Faculty of Applied Natural Sciences in the academic year 2002-2003. It was one among the few university departments in the country offered the undergraduate degree program in applied chemistry, considering the industrial requirements. The applied chemistry graduates produced by the department are regarded as very competent among graduates produced in the country as indicated by their large scale appointment by the wide ranging industries across the country. This is largely because some of the unique applied chemistry courses offered only by this department.
In 2008, curriculum change workshop was organised by Ministry of Education, FDRE (Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia) and after thorough discussions with other Universities of Ethiopia, the harmonized curriculum was formulated for undergraduate degree program in chemistry and accordingly the faculty and department were rechristened as Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences and Department of Chemistry respectively.
Having got the expertise and experience in running the regular and summer undergraduate degree programs in chemistry and keeping in view of the ever increasing demand for high-level professionals in the field of chemistry, the department decided to grow vertically by undertaking masters program in chemistry. It was one of the first two departments in the Faculty of Natural and Computational Sciences that have started the masters’ program in chemistry in January 2010.
The department has well qualified and committed staff members, who are playing a vital role to impart the relevant, and up to date knowledge and skills to the students. The department lays greater emphasis on upgrading the quality of its academic staff by encouraging them in pursuing continuing education, to involve in research and community services, to participate in research conferences and also by hiring experts from outside the country.
The mission of the department is to produce the highly skilled, competent and ethical manpower to institutions, industries, and research laboratories and become a knowledge center to address the problems faced by chemical industries by giving consultancy and be a stimulant for the advancement of knowledge in the area of chemistry.
The vision of the department is to be the center of excellence for higher learning and research in chemistry whereby helping for industrialization and therefore the socio-economic development of the country.

Contact Address

Dr. Gizachew Mulugeta
Department of Chemistry,
College of Natural and Computational Sciences,
University of Gondar,
P.O. Box No.: 196, Mobil: +251 936 683018
Gondar, Ethiopia.