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Department of Mathematics Head’s message


Dear Readers!
Welcome to the Department of Mathematics at University of Gondar.
The department has been established in 1996 E.C. under the faculty of Applied Natural Science (currently called College of Natural and Computational Sciences) in the name of Department of Mathematics. The department has graduated six batches in Mathematics, at BSc degree level. Now, based on the revised and harmonized curriculum at national level and BPR, changes have been made and its name is changed to the department of Mathematics. During the academic year (2013-2014) many changes and challenges have involvent by implementing BPR program and department has applied 1-5 team work and Modularized Curriculum. The department is looking forward to the continued growth and expansion inegular and summer programs. The department has developed website to share the departmental activities as well.
Currently it offers degree program in Mathematics for regular and summer students and masters degree program for regular and evening students. In addition, the department continous to provide a vital support to the academic programs of several departments at the University of Gondar by offereing a wide range of service courses.
The department includes over 170 students in regular program (both in undergraduate and postgraduate) and 336 students in continuing program both in undergraduate and postgraduate. The trained graduates are working in different governmental and nongovernmental sectors; especially in educational sectors. Many of them are pursuing their further education (MSc degree), at universities inside and outside of the country.
Vision of the department
The department of Mathematics aspires to a prominant mathematical center commited to the advancement and dissemination of mathematical knoweledge, and to the training of motivated and responsible mathematicians who contribute to the scientific and technological development of Ethiopia.
Mission of the Department

  • Offer Mathematics at undergraduate and post graduate level
  • Conduct research in Mathematics
  • Offer Mathematics education courses through continuing education and distance learning programs

Actively participate in the popularization, growth and development of Mathematics in the school system.
Regular and summer program

  • Sc. in mathematics
  • Sc. in mathematics

Extension program

  • Sc. in mathematics