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The B.Sc. Program in Geology is a four year full time programAccordingly, the current academic year (2013/2014) is a special point in the history of the department as the first graduates of the department are joining the community, which they are prepared to serve.  Now, there are 190 students including the graduating class. Among these 67 are female students. The graduate from the department contributes in sectors such as geological surveying, groundwater exploration, construction energy, mining and environmental protection. The young and skilled geologist coming from the department provides a guideline and educates the societies for safe site selection of building dams and bridges, nuclear power stations and safe disposal of wastes to prevent environmental pollution.The department of geology was launched in September 2003 E.C. under the department of physics to meet the demands of educated personnel by the country in the field of Geosciences.  Thus the department started its operation in the year by accepting a total of 61 regular students in an Undergraduate program. Since 2004 E.C., it has been emerged as an independent department and become one of the interesting departments in the Faculty of Natural and Computational Science.

  • To be a center of excellence in geosciences by being a leading institute in teaching, research and serving the community. 


  • To build the intellectual and human resources capacity through teaching geosciences.

To generate high quality knowledge and advance problem solving researches in geosciences.
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B.Sc. in Geology

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