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I am really happy to share the details and achievements of Department of Biology. The department of biology is one of the unique departments established as a Department of Applied Biology under the Faculty of Applied Sciences in 2002-2003 with eight staff members. To establish the Department, the undergraduate biology curriculum was designed in consideration with profound biological knowledge that helps to play an active role in the activities of professional societies, regional networks, in producing publications, organizing workshops and symposia. To strengthen the staff profile, the department recruited expatriates from India in 2003. In 2008, a workshop was organized by Ministry of Education, FDRE (Federal Democratic Republic of Ethiopia) to modify the curricula after thorough discussions with other Universities of Ethiopia, and then the name of the department was changed to Biology, which is unanimous among the Universities of Ethiopia. To enhance the quality of out going graduates who are trained to contribute for overall growth of the country existing curricula have been redesigned as modular curricula and implemented in 2012.
Currently, department of biology is one of the pioneer and strong departments of the faculty of natural and computational sciences (recently promoted as College of Natural and Computational Sciences). The department possesses well qualified staff members with multi-disciplinary research skills to provide in-depth knowledge to the graduate students. In addition, department has well organized specific laboratories to afford hands on practical knowledge in the field of zoology, botany, genetics and microbiology. The department is producing scholarly graduates whose contribution will turn to develop the status of the nation. In relevance to the regular program, the department is successful in running a continuing (summer) education program.
Due to the high demand of professional biologist to work in agricultural, industrial, health sector, environmental and educational sectors the Department of biology has launched two year M.Sc. program in the areas of biological sciences namely, ecological zoology, botanical sciences and microbiology in the year of 2010. The ecological zoology program was launched successfully in January 2010 and botanical and microbiology in September, 2010. In order to enrich the subject knowledge for graduate and post graduates with multidiscipline, with the request of the department the faculty and University appointed four new teaching expatriates from India in the year 2010.
Currently, the department has twenty teaching staff members, four lab technicians, two lab assistants, one secretary and one office assistant. To expand the departmental activities eleven staff members are pursuing their doctoral degree program in national and international universities and, five are pursuing their post graduate program in different disciplines.
There is dire need of highly qualified manpower to improve the economic status of the country, by conducting innovative multidisciplinary research, and hence department is planning to launch Ph.D. program in near future. The department has already completed preliminary task to establish Ph.D. program in Microbiology, Insect Science, Plant Biodiversity and Genetics. The curriculum preparation is underway for the above mentioned disciplines.



The mission of the department is advancing, disseminating and applying knowledge in science: producing competent, compassionate and responsible professionals and citizens using curriculum tailored to address the needs of the society; to conduct basic and applied researches aiming at understanding and getting solutions to social needs and problem.


The department has the vision to strive to be a leading center to provide the scientific knowledge to the graduates to improve the socio economic status of the people in the country. In addition, our graduates can actively participate in the process of improvement and development of science and technology in Ethiopia.


Contact Address

Dr. Getnet Masresha
Department of Biology
College of Natural and Computational Sciences
Post Box 196, University of Gondar
Gondar, Ethiopia
Phone: 0581-141929
mobile: +251 918 782159

Itroduction to Department staff members


Mr. Mengesha Asefa

dr-mulugetaDr. Mulugeta Aemero dr-azmal-hussienProf. Azamal Husen prof-rajaProf.Raja Nagappan
dr-worku-negashDr. Worku Negash dr-zewdu-teshomeDr. Zewdu Teshome dr-samuel-sahlieDr. Samuel Sahile dr-subramDr. C. Subramaniam
mr-abiyuMr. Abiyu Enyew mr-flipos-engdaw
Mr. Flipos Engdaw
Mr. Abebe Bizuye
Mrs. Agerie Adissu
mr-tilahun-yohannisMr. Tilahun Yohansi mr-addisu-hailuMr. Addisu Hailu mrs-muluken-dejenMrs. Muluken Dejen mr-wondimieneh
Mr. Wondemeneh
mr-alebachew-tadieMr. Albachew Tadie dr-abere-asinakewMr. Abere Asinakew mr-eshet-kassawMr. Eshete Kassaw mr-gashaw-yismaw
Mr. Gashaw Yismaw
mr-dawitMr. Dawit Deres mr-nega-muluMr. Nega Mulu mrs-kidist-alemayehuMrs. Kidist alemayheu ms-teferi
Ms. Alemnesh Terefi
ms-kassaye-tiruMs. Kasaye Tiru

Contact details of the current staff members

S.No Name Academic rank Specialization Email address
1. Dr. Mulugeta Aemero Assistant Professor Biomedical Science
2. Dr. Amsalu Debebe Assistant Professor Agricultural Entomology
3. Dr. Samuale Sahile Associate Professor Plant Pathology and Applied Microbiology
4. Dr. Raja Nagappan Professor Zoology/Entomology
5. Dr. Azamal Husen Professor Plant Physiology
6. Dr. Chandrodayam Subramaniam Assistant Professor Wild life Ecology and Management
7. Dr.Worku Negash Assistant Professor Applied Genetics
8. Dr. Zewdu Teshome Assistant Professor Biotechnology
9. Ato. Mengesha Asefa Lecturer Environmental Science
10. W/ro Agerie Adissu Assistant Professor Ecology and Systematic Zoology
11. Dr. Getinet Massresha Assistant Professor Plant Biodiversity
12. Ato. Abebe Bizuye Lecturer Applied Microbiology
13. Ato. Addisu Hailu Lecturer Animal Genetics and Breeding
14. Ato. Abiyu Enyew Lecturer Plant Biology and Biodiversity Management
15. Dr. Yezbie Kassa Assistant professor Fisheries and Wetland management
16. Dr. Ebrahim Mama Lecturer Applied Microbiology
17. Ato. Tilahun Yohansi Lecturer Parasitology and Immunology
18. Ato. Wondmeneh Jemberie Lecturer Insect Science
19. Ato. Albachew Tadie Lecturer Ecological and Systematic Zoology
20. W/ro Muluken Dejen Assistant Lecturer General Biotechnology
22. Ato. Gashaw Yesmaw Lab Technician Biology
23. Ato. Abere Asinakew Lab Technician Biology
24. W/ro. Kidist Alemayheu Lab Technician Biology
25. Ato. Nega Mulu Lab Technician Biology
26 Ato. Eshete Kassaw Lab Technician Biology
27. Ato. Dawit Deres Office Assistant Diploma
28. Alemnesh Terefe Lab Assistant Grade 12
29. Kasaye Tiru Lab Assistant Diploma in ICT


Contact details of the staff pursuing Master’s degree (M.Sc.)

S.No Name Academic rank Specialization Email address
1. Ato. Addimas Tajebe Gr. Assistant Molecular Biology
2. W/rt. Aster Shesay Gr. Assistant Biomedical Science
3. W/ro. Birtukan Ademas Tab Technician Microbiology
4. Ato. Zelalem Getnet Gr. Assistant Plant Biodiversity and Management
5. Ato. Demewez Fentie Gr. Assistant Plant Breeding

List of staff publications
We have too many publication you can download the whole titles Download Publication