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Pharmacology is a field of science that studies the pharmacodynamic and pharmacokinetic of drugs in order to develop and optimize their therapeutic use and potential. Toxicology, on the other hand, deals with, but not limited to, the adverse effects of drugs, as well as chemicals, physical and biological agents on living organisms. Our department is engaged in delivering both courses for different classes of health science students including medical students.

Our Mission

The Department of Pharmacology strives to create an intellectual and experimental environment to pharmacy and other health science students teaching them basic principles of pharmacology besides dealing with how medications work therapeutic indications, contraindications and associate adverse effects of medications. With these insights, we help understand students various therapeutic strategies and safe medication use practices. The major responsibilities of the Department are to:

  • Educate medical, pharmacy and other health science students about the principles and applications of pharmacology and toxicology and the rationale for drug selection;
  • Train contemporary pharmacologists;
  • develop new knowledge in the biomedical sciences via active research and experimental practices
  • Provide information about existing and emerging drugs to members of the University, the University Hospital and the general community.

Our Vision

We aim to be a role model in research and quality of education in the field of pharmacology and toxicology by the year 2020.

Our Work

The field of pharmacology is very dynamic and ever advancing, especially in this particular time, where many scientific outputs place the introduction and advent of effective and safe medication as a corner stone for better medicinal interventions. Therefore, besides teaching pharmacology for our students and staffs, we are engaged in experimental screening of various plant based traditional medicine practice to prove their effectiveness and safety in our set-ups, by engaging our staffs and postgraduate students. At this moment, the department is working on strengthening the laboratories, experimental set-ups and animal breeding unit for enhanced quality teaching and research. Besides, we are engaged in providing quality pharmacology education and courses for various postgraduate and undergraduate students both theoretically and practically.  

The Department delivers courses to undergraduate Medicine, Pharmacy, Medical Laboratory, Health Officer, Nursing, Midwifery, Anesthesia, Environmental Health, Optometry, Psychiatric Nursing and Physiotherapy students and postgraduate Pharmacology, Nursing, and others. We are teaching almost all health science students including Pharmacy and Medicine students, at least once before their graduation. Currently, we are training students in masters of Pharmacology. 

Our department is composed of academic staffs with profiles ranging from full professor of pharmacology to lecturer in pharmacology. Our work is currently supported by 8 staff members. Two laboratory rooms are currently used for practical sessions for undergraduate as well as pharmacology postgraduate students. Staffs and students are currently conducting researches in these lab rooms.

Our Background

The foundation of the Department of Pharmacology dates back to the establishment of the Gondar College of Medical Sciences in 1954 by Germany scholars making it one of the oldest departments in the University of Gondar.

Partnerships and Collaborations

We are working to build collaborative partnerships with interested institutions and organizations in the country or abroad. We are delighted to hearing from organizations and institutions who wish to collaborate and work with us in pharmacological researches, trainings and staff exchanges.

You can contact us on:

Name:      Asegedech Tsegaw

      Head of Department of pharmacology


Tell:            +251937375433