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Our Mission

We provide medicinal chemistry and pharmaceutical analysis courses to undergraduate pharmacy students. We strive to make the drug products available for uses are of the desired quality. Furthermore, we do our best to discover and synthesis safe and effective medicines to alleviate the health problem of the public.

Our Vision

Our vision is to be one of the departments which are excellent in research, education, and community service by the year 2020.

Our Work

Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry achieves its mission through its two main and distinct streams as stated below:

Stream 1; Pharmaceutical Analysis: deals with the qualitative and quantitative analysis of drugs in raw materials and finished drug products. It tries to answer the following questions

  • Do the identity and purity of the pure drug substance and excipients to be used in the preparation of the formulation meet specifications?
  • Is the identity of the drug in the formulated product correct?
  • What is the percentage of the stated content of a drug present in a formulation?
  • Does the formulated product contain impurities?
  • What is the stability of a drug in the formulation and hence the shelf-life of the product?
  • At what rate is the drug released from its formulation so that it can be absorbed by the body?
  • What are the concentrations of the drug in a sample of tissue or biological fluid?
  • What are the pKa value(s), partition coefficients, solubilities and stability of drug substance under development?
  • etc……..

It is also responsible to develop and validate analytical methods which are basic tools to do all the aforementioned ones.


Stream 2; Medicinal chemistry: deals with

  • Computational, biochemical and cell-based screening technologies to identify natural and synthetic compounds with pharmacological activity.
  •  Structure-activity relationships to understand the mechanisms of drug action.
  •  Identification, synthesis and development of new chemical molecules suitable for biological studies and eventually therapeutic use. 

Currently we are delivering Pharmaceutical Analysis I & II, Medicinal Chemistry I & II, pharmaceutical quality control attachment, and Pharmaceutical quality control & quality assurance to pharmacy undergraduate students of regular and continuous education programs.

Our Background

Following the inception of School of Pharmacy in 2000, department of pharmaceutical chemistry has started its role together with three other departments of the school. The department has one laboratory to put end its assigned role.

Our Partners

Though School of Pharmacy has links and partners with national and international organizations, the department has no independent collaboration. Hence, the department is eager to work in harmony with any organization for mutual benefit.

Contact Address

Abdrrahman Shemsu

Head, Department of Pharmaceutical Chemistry


Tell: +251911171194