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Our Mission

Clinical pharmacy Department is dedicated to contributing to quality patient care by producing competent pharmaceutical care practitioners through the provision of the unfilled gap in the drug related need of patients in Ethiopia.

Our Vision

We aim to be the leading department in clinical pharmacy teaching, training, and research and community service in East Africa by the year 2020.

Our Work

Pharmacy education reached the point at which patient focused pharmacy practice is the main agenda of the country. In recent years, the trend in pharmacy education and practice has been not only the provision of safe, high quality medicines but also the inclusion of the pharmacist as an active member of the patient centered health team.

Till few years ago, hospital pharmaceutical services have been almost entirely concerned with the preparation and dispensing of medicines, with little direct patient contact. While these technical services are still fundamental to the current service and have become increasingly specialized, they are complemented by a wide variety of ward-based, patient-focused activities in recent years. 

Clinical Pharmacy department was launched in August, 2012 within the School of Pharmacy, University of Gondar. It was developed with the aim of undergoing the current trend shift in undergraduate pharmacy curriculum from product focused service to patient centered approach. Therefore, the department is responsible for the coordination of clinical pharmacy training, research and practice. More than 40% of major courses required for BPharm programme are delivered under this department. The courses equip students with the required knowledge, skill and attitude to deliver clinical pharmacy services. Since 2015, the department launches Masters of Science in Clinical Pharmacy postgraduate program. Besides taught courses, the department is also responsible for clerkship components of the curriculum in the School of Pharmacy. Clinical pharmacy service is all about quality patient care. This is department is therefore, promotes rational use of drugs that are safe and effective. Our aim is also to meet the way forward by MOH under the hospital reform implementation guideline which states pharmacists should be assigned to different wards to deliver clinical pharmacy services.

Our work is based on one assistant professor, two PharmD’s, ten lecturers and 12 assistant lectures who are clinical pharmacists and instructors dedicated to clinical pharmacy teaching, research and practice.

 Partnerships and collaborations

As it is a newly emerged department, Clinical pharmacy department would like to call collaborators to work with us in strengthening clinical pharmacy teaching, service and research in the country.

If you have any queries, don’t hesitate to contact us on:

Name:  Ousman Abubeker

               Head, Department of Clinical Pharmacy


Tel (office):    +251912023692