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With a long history of community service our Department continues to provide a range of services that benefit the wider community. These currently include clinical services at Gondar University Hospital and outreach activities in the community.

Services at Gondar University Hospital

 Our teams offer the following clinical services within the Hospital:

Team A Ward D – Male Ward
Medical Intensive Care Unit (MICU)
Regular Medical Outpatient (ROPD)
Team B Ward C – Female Ward
General Ward
ART Clinic
Team C Emergency Unit (ER)
TB Ward (Tuberculosis Isolation and Treatment ward including MDR TB)
L Ward (Leishmania Treatment and Research Center)
Specialty Follow-up Clinics
Mondays Cardiac
Tuesdays Diabetes (1)
Wednesdays Hypertension
Thursdays ART consultation
Fridays Diabetes (2)
Diabetes with Complications

Services within the wider community

In addition to the services detailed above we also carry out a range of activities that benefit members of the community including:

  • Chronic Illness outreach;
  • HIV prevention and care for University staff and students;
  • Research and service based activities on MDR-TB and Leishimania;
  • Support to PLHIV (adult and Pediatrics); and
  • Clinical mentoring to peripheral hospitals (Debark, Debretabor and Metema).

Learn More

If you would like to learn more about our activities please contact:

Dr Desalew Mekonnen
Job Title
Head, Department of Internal Medicine
Senior Clinical Advisor/I-TECH Ethiopia