Background Information

The Department of Natural Resources management was launched during the 2010/11 Academic Year (2003 E.C.) and is one of the pioneer departments in the former Faculty of Agriculture and currently College of Agriculture and Rural Transformation of the University of Gondar. In the wake of its establishment, the department began training students for B.Sc degree and undertaking different problem solving research and community service projects. Tough young, the department is considered one of the best performing departments in the University for its Unreserved Effort and pro-activeness for better teaching, research and community service activities. The Department started teaching, Research and Community Service activities by just 5 Lecturers, 3 Graduate Assistants, and only 53 students. Since then, a total of 148 students had graduated with B.Sc degree in NaRM till 2015. Currently the Department has more than 20 staffs and more than 200 students.  In order to know about the employments and job opportunities of its graduates, the Department has been working on tracking and communicating with its former students and the feedbacks from the students show that all of the first graduates of 2013 had been employed in different sectors. This shows that the students graduated are competent enough and the new students coming to the department have huge job opportunity.
In order to deliver quality education and undertake problem solving research and community service activities, the Department has a “Learning by doing” core value of its curriculum and hence has established research and teaching demonstration sites at Shinta, Dabat and Belesa areas.
When the department was launched in the 2010/2011 academic year, it was with the following objectives:

  • To offer a up-to-date and multi-disciplinary education that produce competent and qualified professionals in NRM
  • To strengthen Natural Resource Management effort through demand driven research and establish partnership with related development partners (GO an NGOs) to promote sustainable Natural Resource Management and contribute towards improved livelihoods
  • Disseminate technological innovations generated in the course of education and research in NRM by using appropriate dissemination media/channel
  •  Provide technical advices, consultancy services and tailored short term training to development agents and other stakeholders working in NR and environmental areas
  • Integrate teaching – research with extension activities so as to extend appropriate technologies generated through research

 Mission of the Department:

  • To contribute to the sustainable socioeconomic development of the country by producing vibrant, compassionate and responsible citizens through societal needs tailored curricula; conducting problem solving research; and strengthening community engagement, and technology transfer.

  Vision of the Department:

  • To be the leading societal problem-solving Department in the Country by 2020.

Study Programs:
Department of Natural Resource Management has the following programs:
1. Undergraduate Program:

S/N   Program  Name Start time Admission Year of Study Number of Modules Minimum
Entry requirements
B.Sc. in Natural Resource Management  
Regular 3 15 180 As per  the rules of MoE and UoG
Extension 4 15 180
Summer 5 15 180

* European Credit Transfer System
2. Graduate Program

S/N      Program  Name Start time Admission Year of Study Number of Modules Total ECTS* Entry requirements
M.Sc. in soil science  
Regular 2   120 B.Sc. degree in related fields and passing entry exam
Extension 3   120
Summer 5   120

* European Credit Transfer System
Since the inception of the department, different research projects on different issues have been undertaken. The following are some of the research works done and have been performed by the staff member of the department.

S.N.  Year Research Project/Title Study Area Status Funded by
1 2015/16 Soil fertility evaluation and Improvement for sustainable crop production at Ferenji Wuha watershed, North Gondar (Mega Project) North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia New University of Gondar
2 2015/16 Wood Utilization Dynamics, Economic Efficiency, Marketing Strategies of Wood based Medium and Small Enterprises in selected Towns of Amhara National Regional State. (Mega Project) Amhara Region, Ethiopia New University of Gondar
3 2015/16 Greenbelt in a depletion resource; Opportunities and challenges for
sustainable natural resource conservation in lowlands of North western Ethiopia (Mega Project)
(Mega Project)
Alatish National Park, N/Gondar New University of Gondar
4 2014/15 Economical, Environmental and Medicinal value analysis of Moringa (Moringa oleifera) tree species Sanja, North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia.
Completed University of Gondar
5 2014/15 Ethiopian Orthodox Church Forests
for Carbon Sequestration and Biodiversity Conservation: the case of Lake Tana Churches and Monasteries
Lake Tana Completed University of Gondar
6 2014/15 Native/ indigenous tree species in the eucalyptus dominated land scapes of Northern Ethiopia: Implications for conservation North Gondar Zone Completed University of Gondar
7 2014/15 Plant species diversity and soil fertilities status under the canopies of different exotic plantation forest planted on degraded land   Completed University of Gondar

Community Services and Technology transfer activities:
The Department of Natural Resource Management done many community service and technology transfer projects on different thematic areas related to the Department since 2010. In line with these the department plays a significance role in community problem solving. The projects undertaken and being carried out since its establishment are listed below:
1. Community Service Activities:

S.N.  Year Project Title Project  Areas Status Funded by
1 2014/15 GIS training for CART staffs North Gondar, Teda Completed University of Gondar

2. Technology Tranfer Activities:

S.N.  Year Project Title Project  Areas Status Funded by
1 2015/16  Introducing Vetiver grass for soil and water conservation Teda, North Gondar Zone New University of Gondar
2 2015/16 Establishment of Agro forestry
demonstration site at Teda campus
Teda , North Gondar Zone Ongoing University of Gondar
3 2014/15 Up-scaling renewable energy and bio-fertilizer production using domestic biogas technology Teda, North Gondar Zone Completed University of Gondar

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