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About (Background Information): Department of Agricultural Economics
The Department of Agricultural Economics was launched in 2011/12 Academic Year (2004 E.C.) and is one of the pioneer Departments in College of Agriculture and Rural Transformation (former Faculty of Agriculture), University of Gondar (UoG). The department was established having three academic staff and 36 undergraduate students in one program (B.Sc degree in Agricultural Economics) and undertaking different problem solving research and community service projects. Currently, it has two programs including one graduate program (M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics) and 18 academic staff and more than 217 regular graduate and undergraduate students. The fact that the department is multidisciplinary in its nature, the composition of the staff is from different field of specialty.
Along with producing competent professionals, the Department is aimed to meet the following objectives:

  • To produce qualified and competent graduates in the field of Agricultural Economics with the required skills, knowledge and attitudes
  • To facilitate, promote and disseminate  appropriate agricultural  technologies
  • To give community based services
  • To facilitate agricultural and rural economic development

Mission and Vision of the Department of Plant Sciences
Department of Agricultural Economics hares the mission and vision of the College of Agriculture and Rural Transformation of the University of Gondar and has the following mission and vision:
Mission of the Department:
Contribute to the sustainable socioeconomic development of the country by producing vibrant, compassionate and responsible citizens through societal needs tailored curricula; conducting problem solving research; and strengthening community engagement, and technology transfer.
Vision of the Department:

  • To be the leading societal problem-solving Department in the Country by 2020.

Contact person and Address:

Mr. Siraj Nurhesen (MSc)
Head, Department of Department of Agricultural Economics
Postal address: Department of Agricultural Economics, CART, University of Gondar, 196, Gondar, Ethiopia
Fax: +251-581141240 of Agricultural Economics

Study Programs: Department of Agricultural Economics has the following programs:
1. Undergraduate Program:

S/N      Program  Name Start time Admission Duration of Study Number of Modules Minimum ECTS* Entry requirements
B.Sc. in Agricultural Economics  
Regular 3 14 180 As per  Ethiopian higher education entry point
Extension 4 14 180
Summer 5 14 180

* European Credit Transfer System
2. Graduate Program

S/N      Program  Name Start time Admission Duration of Study Total Cr. Hrs Thesis Entry requirements
M.Sc. in Agricultural Economics  
Regular 2 Years 31 6 Cr.hrs B.Sc. degree in related fields and passing entry exam
Extension 3 Years 31 6 Cr.hrs
Summer 4 Years 31 6 Cr.hrs

* European Credit Transfer System
Since the inception of the department, different research projects on different issues have been undertaken. The following are some of the research works done and have been performed by the staff member of the department.

S.N.  Year Research Project/Title Study Areas Status Funded by
1 2015/16 Analysis of Economic Efficiency, Value chain and Major Sources of Risk and Its Management Strategies in Smallholder vegetable Production in North Gondar zone, ANRS Ethiopia North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia New University of Gondar
2 2014/15 Honey market chain analysis for Chilga district, North Gondar zone , Amhara regional state North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia Completed University of Gondar
3 2014/15 Determinants of income diversification in rural household case study Chilga Wereda, North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia Completed University of Gondar
4 2013/14 Analysis of Technical efficiency of Sesame production in Metema Woreda N.Gondar, Ethiopia Metema Wereda, North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia Completed University of Gondar
5 2012/13 Assessment of ginger production and marketing in Chilga woreda: opportunities and constraints Chilga Woreda, North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia Completed University of Gondar
6 2012/13 The impact of small-scale irrigation schemes on household food security among farmers in the drought prone districts of N.Gondar Zone, Ethiopia North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia Completed University of Gondar
7 2012/13 Assessment of Sesame marketing through Ethiopian commodity exchange channel: the case of Metema woreda Metema Woreda, North Gondar Zone, Ethiopia Completed University of Gondar