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The ADRC (Academic Development and Resource Centre) has been established to support the staff and postgraduate students with necessary inputs and facilities thereby contributing its share for quality education.  The center aims at providing assistance in handling audiovisual materials and technology-assisted learning for its customers. Access to internet and pedagogical & ICT related books and journals is created for the staff and students.

ADRC has currently 5 Branches in each campus which are:

  • Atse Tewodros campus ADRC
  • College of Medicine and Health Science campus ADRC
  • Maraki campus ADRC
  • Atse Fasil campus ADRC
  • Meles zenawi campus ADRC

Each center has a capacity of accommodating 60 users at a time. Televisions, DVD players wired and wireless internet services are accessed to the users of the centers at each campus. Technicians that are entitled to run the centers and give technical support for customers are being recruited at each time to facilitate and enhance service delivery at the centers.