Asrat Atsedeweyn (PhD)

President, University of Gondar

Phone number : +251930001197
Email: or   
P.O.Box 196, Gondar, Ethiopia
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Welcome to the University of Gondar (UoG), and thank you for taking the time to learn more about us.

I am deeply honored and privileged to serve as the President of the UoG, and am enthusiastic about working with the faculty, staff and students at this outstanding and diverse institution. I serve here with a respectful sense of stewardship and am excited to be part of the UoG community that is dedicated, caring and focused on excellence. UoG has much to be proud of having dedicated faculty and staff, visionary leadership; disciplined students with inquisitive minds; and a community that recognizes our University as a vital educational, economic, and cultural resource for our country and our world.

The University has developed various methods to ensure quality of education in all of its academic programs; and hence our students gain knowledge, skills and attitude that prepare them to live and work in a multicultural national and/or global world. Our recent accomplishments prove that UoG is truly on the rise. We intend to maintain this positive momentum as we strive for more successes and even higher national prominence and international alliance. While we are happy with the accomplishments of our University so far, our vision is to be the leading societal problem solving institution in the country, with a continued aspiration to be so even beyond.

The expansion and enrolment rates at the University of Gondar are rapidly increasing. We have over 60,000 alumni working within and outside the country shouldering the higher demand of the country’s socio-economic growth and development. Currently, we have managed to reach over 47,000 students in 84 undergraduate degrees, 127 master degrees, 32 PhD programs and 3 subspecialty programs. We are committed to continuing to find ways to invest in programs, services, and technology and educational infrastructure necessary to further enhance student graduation and success based on the national demand. Latest technologies are employed for effective delivery and the curricula emphasize practice orientation in their entire programs.

Unconditionally, consistent communications with faculty, staff, students, community members, and partners; and an unwavering focus on what is best for our staffs and students are key principles of my stay as president.

I warmly welcome you to visit our campus and interact with our students, faculty and staff to know more about the University and our activities.

Thank you for your interest in the University of Gondar. We look forward to seeing you on campus.

Asrat Atsedeweyn, PhD