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Our Mission

The mission is to contribute on reducing avoidable Non-Communicable Disease (NCD) related morbidity and mortality through health promotion, provision of enabling environment, strengthening of health systems, and empowerment of communities.

Our Vision

The vision of Non-Communicable Disease Research and Treatment center (NCDRTC) is to create a healthy society that lives longer with optimal physical and mental health.

Our Background

Under NCDTRC four categories exists these are, cardiovascular diseases, cancer, chronic respiratory disease, and diabetes mellitus.

Our Activities

Priority Areas: To effectively implement the NCD treatment and control strategies and achieve the selected national targets. Three priority areas are selected and designed to address interventions at all level of the society and government. Implementation of these three priority area interventions will lead to overall reduction of morbidity, disability, and mortality from the major NCDs.
Priority Area One: NCD Comprehensive treatment and care: Aimed to invest on infrastructure, human medical equipment and drug resource in order to strengthen control and prevention of non-communicable diseases through people centered primary care and universal health coverage
Priority Area Two: Health promotion and disease prevention targeting behavioral risk factors: Designed to reduce exposure to modifiable risk factors for non-communicable diseases through creation of health promoting environments.
Priority Area Three: Monitoring, evaluation and research: Designed to monitor trends and determinants of non-communicable diseases and evaluate progress of programs and interventions in the prevention and control of NCDs. Designed to promote and support national capacity for quality research and development for prevention and control of NCDs.

Our collaboration

Recently the center created collaboration with Arbor Vita Corporation to establish small scale industry on manufacturing of OncoE6TM cervical cancer screening kit.
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Abayneh Girma (MD)
Job Title:
Coordinator of NCDTRC