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University Industry Linkage and Transfer of Technology Directorate

Institutional linkage is one of the major activities of the University of Gondar through which several achievements have been accomplished.  A number of technologies have been generated and diffused to different parts of North western Ethiopia and the surrounding community at large.

University-Industry Linkage and Technology Transfer (UIL-TT) directorate is established under the vice president for research and community service to carryout duties and responsibilities related to technology and industry linkages. The directorate support colleges, institutes, faculties and schools though coordinators. The directorate is responsible in coordinating and administratingscience, technology, engineering, and mathematics (STEM) and business and incubation centers.


To be one of the innovation Centre for linkage and technology transfer


  • To design and disseminate affordable and feasible technologies to users.
  • To link University of Gondar with various local, national and International institutions.

The UIL-TT of the University of Gondar includes the following major activities:

  • Design of technologies
  • Technology dissemination
  • Trainings
  • Support internship, attachments, and externships
  • Institutional linkages
  • Follow up ongoing and completed technology transfer projects