UoG’s Institute of Technology holds a curriculum review workshop

On 27 June 2017 at Florida Hotel’s conference hall the University of Gondar’s Institute of Technology held a curriculum review workshop. The day’s theme was based on incorporating four new programs into the department. Among the new entries into the engineering department; hydraulic, thermal, manufacturing and industrial engineering were reviewed for both bachelors and masters programs.

The director of the Institute of Technology, Mr. Birhanu Mulat, welcomed the guests who were in attendance. His words expressed gratitude and triumph for the work that was being done to bring these programs into fruition. Mr. Birhanu alluded to the fact that without the contribution of some people and various departments the day would not be a success. He felt the need to bring up the mechanical engineering department for their outstanding work and partnership. Lastly, the director of the Institute of Technology affirmed that the progress would continue. He declared, “ We will, according to our 5 year goal, produce many more enlightening programs to develop our country.”

When opening the workshop the President of the University of Gondar, Dr. Desalegn Mengesha, aligned with the Institute of Technology’s achievement. The President was honored to attend the Institute of Technology’s first curriculum review that showcased three masters programs. The University of Gondar for the past couple of years has been working on infrastructure and has invested close to 800 million ETB in the Engineering department. Dr. Desalegn stressed that the buildings worth millions would also be accompanied with high tech equipment that will be useful to modernize the University and in turn the country.

The President later affirmed UoG’s ongoing commitment in catering to home grown human intellect to undertake tomorrow’s problems. “We should use our resources to our advantage” he said, “ For example in hydraulics, we should not depend on outside entities or human resources to do the hard work. Rather, our country should be producing these individuals.”

By conducting parallel discussions on the new programs, UoG simultaneously evaluated the longevity of the department’s future. The discussions were being held in various rooms inside of Florida Hotel.

The day was capped off with a closing address from the Academic Vice President Dr. Asrat Atsedeweyn. With the eventual addition of the new programs it is no secret that the country will benefit tremendously. The Republic of Ethiopia is growing and furthering its aims to become a powerhouse in the Horn of Africa. With such projects as the Grand Renaissance Dam, the largest hydroelectric dam in Africa, Ethiopia believes in the work of modern engineering. Thus, instead of hiring these contractors from abroad which it is doing today, UoG hopes in the years to come Ethiopian Universities can share the burden of developing the nation via enlightened, trained and skilled graduates who will be up for the task. UoG’s Institute of Technology is looking forward to do just that. The Curriculum review that took place on June 27th hopes to achieve wonders for the community and the country, which will eventually have a positive impact on the lives of millions.

By Samuel Malede| Public and International Relations Directorate