UOG Holds Second Annual Conference on Quality Education

The University of Gondar founded the quality of education conference at the national level. Now, in fact, other universities are following suit.
To enhance continually the overall quality of the university an annual institutional conference on quality education has been constructed. December 30th up to the 31st 2016 was the second annual conference on superior education and has been held with the theme of elevating the quality of education through systemic transformation.
During the event His Excellency Dr. Samuel Kiflay (State Minister of Education), Dr. Tesfaye Muhye (General Director of HERQA), Dr. Desagln Mengesha (President of UOG), the Amhara Universties’ Vice Presidents, UOG’s higher officials and teachers, administrative staffs and representatives of the students attended diligently.
To welcome the guests, Dr Desagln walked on stage to thank all who came for the event. Afterwards, he alluded that the year of 2015-2016 was very memorable because the University accumulated a lot of achievements and awards at the national level. Some of these awards he said were awards given by the Ethiopian quality assurance agency for being number #1 by the standards of quality was an award that was highly prized. Also, an award was given by the ministry of education for being the head of first generation universities in Ethiopia through the overall effective achievements of the 2015-2016 budget year.
The President also highlighted some of the points, which brought home the trophy. For instance the university has been implementing the latest technologies in ICT. UOG’s College of Medicine and Health Sciences has also been implementing new technologies for serving the community and its entire administration. The institute of engineering is growing alarmingly its capabilities and is expanding its field of teaching by constructing huge workshops. The university is likewise building its infrastructure to new heights.
To conclude, the president bestowed a heartfelt appreciation for the staff and stakeholders of the university and hinted that persistence with this momentum is needed. Then, His Excellency Dr. Samuel Kiflie declared that the quality education conference at the national level had been started by UOG. Even saying that others continued to hold the event. The least not being government and private universities. And the Minister expressed his pleasure to open the second annual institutional conference.
Dr. Samuel said “ I am very much honored to be here with you today on the occasion of this annual institutional conference on quality education. I know that the university of Gondar has taken the initiative in organizing the 1st and the 2nd national conferences on this issue in 2011 and 2012. Such excellent practices have now reached the seventh round as subsequently organized by various public universities after the first two were held here in Gondar. Such conferences are important not only for the institution, but also for the country. The university should also be exemplar by soaring and searching for new innovations that can be useful for the country and ultimately be an example for other universities in the nation.”
He continued, “Insuring quality education is a very daunting task. It needs a system that is sensitive to assure quality at input, process output and overcome other levels. The ministry of education and its entities are striving to do their level best in this regard. A lot more is expected from higher learning institutions. Each one of your efforts and responsibilities are highly instrumental to achieve this core mission of our institutions and our country at large. Finally, I would like to express my heartfelt appreciation to the University of Gondar for organizing such an annual conference on quality education. I believe the staff, the students, and relevant stakeholders will benefit a lot out of this academic tradition. I do hope the university of Gondar will continue to continue with the finest practices in the years to come that can be bench marks for other universities.”
The next speaker Dr. Tesfaye Muhye delivered a key note speech saying, “It is my greatest pleasure to be here as a keynote speaker. It is a privilege to be here at UOG because, ironically, I was the administrative v/president of UOG seven years ago. So this University is special to me since it brought me back to my previous memories. I would like to say I am truly amazed by the sight of the University in its present state. It is growing fast and I would like for this growth to continue for years and even decades to come.”
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The following Keynote speaker Prof. Endeshaw Bekele from Addis Ababa University stressed, “quality education is very important for producing quality students in higher education, for realizing our potential, respecting human rights and advancing the countries technological skills. Coming to an end now, the president of the University of Gondar Dr. Desalgn and the director of quality education assurance and audit directorate, Ms Hana Shewamoltot including guests from other universities presented their research regarding quality education. These higher officials went over the presentational findings and brainstormed a way forward and outlined what needed to be done in years to come.
In closing up the event awards were presented to a few fine individuals who worked tirelessly. Some staff member who toiled outside of their day jobs raised funds from governments at home and abroad to assist the university at large. There were fourteen of them. Six of them were given high-end laptops, a gold necklace, a medallion and a certificate of recognition. Lastly the other eight was awarded a gold necklace and certificates of recognition. This is what the University is all about progress and advancement.
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