UoG gives back to the community

The University of Gondar has been involved in works that benefit the community by conducting pioneering research projects on the effect of productive seeds in different districts of North Gondar. Quara, West Belesa and Debat are amongst the districts the university assists.

The Debat Research Center was established in 2013 by UoG. Since its establishment, the center has collected and identified around 13 potato species. Based on the achievements obtained by the center, the university works to scale up the distribution of potato seeds by fivefold from the current size of distribution which is 100 quintals.

To become effective and accessible, the university and the Agriculture and Rural Development office of Dabat district signed a memorandum to work together in an effective manner. Professor Meresha Chanie, the Research and Community Service v/p of UoG, Mr. Solomon Fantaw, Community Service Director at UoG, and Mr. Endalk Amare, head of the Agriculture and Rural Development office in Dabat district, held talks on the specifications of the agreement.

The statement briefly declares that UoG will be responsible to supply productive seeds and to provide adequate training about fertilizers and water management for selected farmers and agricultural experts. Similarly, the arrangement states that the office of Agriculture and Rural Development will be responsible for distributing the seeds for the selected farmers and sites, to assist by creating awareness for the farmers and to monitor and supervise all other related activities.

Professor Meresha Chanie stated in his address that, “the Capacity of the center will be enhanced if we work in collaboration with our stakeholders. Therefore, it is good for UoG and the Agriculture and Rural Development Office that we share some responsibilities. And I’m pleased to see the fruit of our collaboration.” He also promised that field visits will be done on the selected sites when they meet again.

Mr. Solomon Fantaw in his part said, “Farmers must be informed ahead of time as they are responsible returning the seeds when they harvest.” He also stressed the importance of recollecting the seeds from the farmers because it enables the delivery of improved seeds to other farmers and sites.

Mr. Endalk Amare appreciated the contribution of UoG to the community. He ensured that the potato seeds distributed by the university have brought very promising results on the productivity of the farmers.

By: Belay Mesfin
Translator: Asmamaw Addis
Editor: Samuel Malede
Public & International Relations Directorate