UoG donates 3 million birr of medical equipment to Gohala and Janamora Primary Hospitals

University of Gondar is a pioneer in providing many and diverse community service in Gondar and the surrounding areas. The university is providing professional and material support to several primary hospitals. The newly inaugurated Gohala, Sanja and Janamora Primary Hospitals were partly furnished this November by the community service program of the university. As Mr Solomon Fentaw, the university community service delegate director said, the materials that are provided to both Gohala and Janamora hospitals cost about 3 million Ethiopian birr, i.e. 1.5 million for each. As Mr Solomon further explained, the equipment delivered includes patients’ beds, mattresses, wheel- chairs, surgery and laboratory materials, stretchers and medicine.

Mr. Zemene Habtu, the manager of Gohala Primary Hospital and Mr. Ashenafi Dereje, the manager of Janamora Primary Hospital, said that treating patients in the newly opened hospitals was difficult as there were no necessary medical equipment. In addition to this, due to lack of beds, some patients were treated on the floor that might expose them to different communicable diseases. At the end, the managers forwarded their gratitude and reminded the university to be on their side when it comes to professional and additional material support. Mr. Solomn concluded by saying that this is just the beginning, the university will coordinate and lead various community service intiatives in the future.

By Destaw W.
Edited by Samuel M.
Public and International Relations Directorate