UoG carries out a natural resource conservation program that has Impacts from Megech Dam to GERD

Some years ago, a novice teacher started impactful work in natural resource conservation along with his teaching career. Initiated by teacher Asnakew Abitew, the aforementioned teacher and the current supervisor at Dawa Damot kebele, Gonder Zuria District, the University of Gondar has been taking a lion’s share to make a sustainable plant and soil conservation around the upper parts of the Megech Drainage.

As teacher Asnakew Abitew explained, the University of Gondar has supported the conservation program in creating awareness. In addition to this, by presenting all the necessary plant species appropriate to the environment, UoG is making the ground. He also added that the school and the surroundings were so degraded that animals had no proper area to graze. Yet these days, the action of the school in plant conservation has spread to other areas that many mountains are seen covered with plants.

There was a visiting program of the area on 21 November 2017. The Research and Community Service V/ President, Prof. Mersha Chanie, the expert of modeling and data management of Climate Change Research Center at UoG, Mr. Dereje Amene and other high officials of the university and Gonder Zuria Woreda visited the forest and water conservation program. Prof. Mersha and Mr Dereje forwarded similar ideas saying that the conservation program on tributaries has a great function on Megech Dam, Lake Tana and the Grand Ethiopian Renaissance Dam. Moreover, it helps to keep the balance of the ecosystem in the area. They also added that such community services of the university are intended to continue sustainably.

By Destaw W.
Public and International Relations Directorate