University of Gondar’s STEM program opens its doors to aspiring teenagers

With the rainy season upon us, on 25 July 2017 in Tewodros’s campus the University of Gondar, through its STEM program, opened its doors to Gondar’s youth. The program was created in 2013 with the aim of assisting the intellectual fervor of young aspiring students.

Students from grades 7-12 will be able to choose from two subject matters: science and engineering. Under the science courses they will be able to learn biology, physics, chemistry and some language proficiency skills. Under the engineering courses language proficiency will be given along with technical drawing.

The students who will take part in this educational opportunity have been selected from rural and urban areas in and around Gondar city. Lodging and meals are also provided in their time at the University of Gondar.

When welcoming the guests, Community Service director Hone Mandefro spoke of the exceptional chance that awaits the young students. After his welcoming speech, Prof Mersha Chanie, Research and Community Service vice president opened the occasion with salutations and optimism. The Research and Community Service vice president alluded to the benefits of such a program and the insightful hands on training they would attain.

Prof Mersha stressed that the future of the country rests on the educational background of the youth. More specifically, science and technology is the backbone of developed nations therefore the need to train and educate kids in this area is a priority. They, one day, are those beneficiaries who will receive what is given to them to lead this country in the future. His words of advice before departing expressed a sense on sternness and fatherly guidance. “Take what you are going to learn seriously,” he said expressing to the kids the way they should concentrate.

There are many students in the country who do not have the chance to gain information and experience into science and engineering at the level that these STEM participants will be able to access. This chance of a lifetime, which the University of Gondar offers, will aid in prerequisite knowledge that these teenagers will need in their future educational endeavors. STEM (Science Technology Engineering and Mathematics) is a program like no other.

The top ranking students in their respective areas, be it rural or urban in Gondar, have been allowed to partake in this program. About 400 students will enjoy the up to date facilities at the University of Gondar to better help their transition into higher learning institutions. Laboratories are among the places where the students will engage in to showcase their intellect. The program will begin on July 26th and end on September 7th. With the preparations set and the accommodations paid for, UoG is ready to educate these young adults to better prepare them for higher learning.

By Samuel Malede| Public and International Relations Directorate