The University of Gondar wins a top national award yet again

Days after receiving the top award for being the number 1 ranked university in the country, yet again another recognition is given to the University of Gondar. What took place at the Ethiopian Quality Award Organization’s event on 24 October, at Ethiopia’s National Palace, means a lot to the UoG community.

On that joyous evening, the University of Gondar won a first level excellence award based on 7 main criteria and more than 110 measurable parameters. Dr. Asrat Atsedeweyn, academic vice president, received the award on behalf of UoG and the community.

With the current investments in staff and infrastructure development, it can be observed that UoG, without a doubt, is setting an exceptional standard, which can be an example for other universities. In addition to this, UoG, Ethiopia’s top ranked educational institution, believes that paving a way towards better research quality and advanced research will be key moving forward. Moreover, the current accolades awarded are a testament to the strenuous efforts undertaken thus far.

All in all, the two top awards that our institution received could not have been acquired alone. The unwavering role of UoG leadership along with its staff, students, local, regional, national & international partners, stakeholders and alumni can not be overlooked. The larger communities that UoG is working with are also highly credited. Without all the stakeholders mentioned, this success could not have been possible. So congratulations to all those who took part, and may everyone rejoice together!

Dr. Desalegn Mengesha
President, University of Gondar